Best uBTC Casino to Gamble with Bitcoin - NO KYC

When playing at a crypto casino, you may encounter all kinds of cryptocurrencies and even their subunits. Depending on the current exchange rate, the price of Bitcoin can be measured in tens of thousands of dollars. A currency like this would be impractical at an online casino, where most bets are in the range from $0.20 to $100.

uBTC casinos come to the rescue, allowing you to play games with smaller units of Bitcoin. There are legitimate questions to be asked, such as how to deposit into a uBTC casino and how to convert 1 µBTC to BTC. But first things first.

What is a uBTC Casino?

μ is the letter of the Greek alphabet used to represent the millionth of a unit. Accordingly, 1 µBTC is equal to a millionth of BTC, which is 0.000001 BTC. µBTC is also called microbitcoin.

It's easy to convert µBTC to BTC and calculate the bet amount in traditional currency. Let's assume you bet 100 µBTC per round, with Bitcoin trading close to $20,000. Therefore, your bet would be 0.0001 BTC or $2. Additionally, you don't even need to do the calculations yourself when playing at LTC Casino. Simply place a bet, and it will automatically show up in traditional currency below the game.

uBTC casinos are Bitcoin casinos that use µBTC for bets. As a result, they share the same benefits, games, and deposit methods.

Best uBTC Casino to Gamble with Bitcoin - NO KYC

Benefits of Gambling at a uBTC Casino

The main difference between a µBTC casino and a regular BTC casino is the unit they use to accept bets. It is unlikely that you will be betting 1 BTC or more per round. Therefore, it is easy to get lost in the amount of zeros on the screen. And comprehending payouts in BTC may be even more challenging. uBTC casinos provide a simple solution whether you track your balance in Bitcoins or prefer to mentally convert it to traditional currency.

In all other respects, uBTC casinos are a full-fledged equivalent of Bitcoin casinos, including their main advantages. Here's what this means:

  • Fast transactions Deposits and withdrawals at a µBTC casino take no more than a few minutes, while the possibility of declined transactions is completely excluded.
  • Low fees The fee for sending a transaction to a µBTC casino is usually around 40 µBTC, which is less than $1. As for withdrawals, no fees are charged at all.
  • Play from anywhere in the world You can deposit into uBTC casinos from any region, even if traditional payment systems would not allow such transactions.
  • Anonymity Bitcoin users are not identified by their real name, so you can remain anonymous while playing at uBTC casinos.

Importantly, at µBTC casinos, you can play the same games as at Bitcoin casinos and even the best traditional online casinos in the world.

What Games Are Available at uBTC Casinos?

uBTC casinos feature hundreds of games from the world's best providers. This number includes multiple slots, table games, and live games. Let's take a closer look at each of the categories.

uBTC Slots

This is the most expansive category of µBTC casino games. Among uBTC slots, you will find slots with respins, bonus buy slots, Megaways slots, 'Book of' slots, and much more. µBTC is used in slots from such providers as Spinomenal, Pragmatic Play, GameBeat, and Mascot.

uBTC Table Games

µBTC is also used in table games, even though players tend to bet higher in them. With µBTC, you can play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker, including their multiple variations. uBTC table games are provided by Platipus, Nucleus Gaming, and several other studios.

uBTC Live Games

It's no secret that the widest collection of live games is available for µBTC. µBTC is enabled by default in live games from Evolution, the dominant provider in its field. µBTC allows you to experience live dealer games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, as well as live game shows, including Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Mega Ball. uBTC live games provide a great way to diversify your regular experience with table games at an online casino.

How to Deposit into a uBTC Casino?

Since µBTC is just a smaller unit of BTC, deposits at uBTC casinos are processed in the same way as at Bitcoin casinos.

  • To make a deposit at a uBTC casino, you need Bitcoin first. You may want to avoid buying a whole Bitcoin because it is quite expensive. Fortunately, most uBTC casinos accept deposits from 100 µBTC, which is about a couple of dollars.
  • Some Bitcoin wallets allow you to use µBTC instead of BTC as the base currency. It is a good idea if you play at uBTC casinos. However, it is not necessary to have a Bitcoin wallet either. You can send µBTC directly from the exchange where you purchased your coins.
  • Use the Bitcoin address provided by the casino to send a deposit. Even if you play with µBTC, the deposit address should be labeled as 'BTC' or 'Bitcoin'.

Once the deposit is credited to your account, you can immediately enjoy your favorite casino games using µBTC.

Best uBTC Casino to Play with Crypto

uBTC casinos make an extensive list of gambling websites offering games for the respective currency. However, uBTC casinos may differ in supported games, withdrawal times, and other criteria.

If you are still looking for the best uBTC casino, consider LTC Casino. We offer the following unparalleled benefits to our players:

  • Play with µBTC from anywhere in the world;
  • No KYC;
  • Full collection of µBTC casino games, including slots, table games, and live games;
  • Instant withdrawals;
  • Highest RTP is guaranteed in all µBTC games available on the website.

The sign-up process at our µBTC casino takes only a few seconds. And then, nothing will separate you from the best µBTC games on the web!

Frequently Asked Questions about uBTC Casinos

Where can I buy µBTC?

You can buy µBTC on any exchange that supports Bitcoin. Just purchase any amount of BTC and transfer it to your Bitcoin wallet at a uBTC casino.

How to withdraw winnings from a uBTC casino?

You can withdraw winnings from a uBTC casino to any Bitcoin wallet or exchange using your personal BTC address.

Is it possible to play at a µBTC casino with other currencies?

Yes, you can play at a µBTC casino with other units of Bitcoin, such as BTC or mBTC, or even with another cryptocurrency.

Do I need to convert BTC to play with µBTC?

No, just make a deposit with BTC. Your balance will be automatically converted to µBTC after you open a game.

Can I play at a uBTC casino on mobile?

Yes, all games at our uBTC casino are fully compatible with mobile devices running iOS or Android. You can play directly from your smartphone or tablet.