Big Bass Crash is Pragmatic Play's newest Crash game, drawing inspiration from popular fishing-themed slots series. Yet, it's more than just a fishing game. In Big Bass Crash, player choices directly impact both the potential returns and the length of play, emphasizing the critical role of strategy.

Pragmatic Play presented its first Crash game, Spaceman, in 2022. The initial venture undeniably captivated thousands of players globally. But crucially, Big Bass Crash taps into the cherished Big Bass theme. Given these factors, we believe that Big Bass Crash will achieve even greater success.

As such, get your rod ready! With our Big Bass Crash strategy guide, you won't be left navigating the waters alone.

Winning Strategy for Pragmatic Play Big Bass Crash


Since its introduction in 2014, the "Crash" gaming genre has witnessed a proliferation of titles, each competing for the attention of dedicated players and novices alike. Among this sea of contenders, Big Bass Crash emerges as a distinctive force. What makes it unique?

  • Whopping Payout Potential: The game boasts an astonishing maximum multiplier of 5,000x. This isn't just a mere number, but a promise of an exhilarating gaming experience.
  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Big Bass Crash employs an innovative “Cashout 50%” feature, adding a layer of strategy and control over the game. It's not just about riding your luck but also about making informed decisions at pivotal moments.
  • Top-Tier Quality: Big Bass Crash stands out with its high-quality graphics that draw players in. Along with its captivating visuals, the game offers immersive sound effects, making every round feel like an adventure.
  • Detailed Player Insights: Before diving into the gameplay, players are offered a comprehensive pre-game snapshot showing the number of players and total bets for the next round.

All these elements come together, crafting a Crash game experience that's both refreshing and rewarding. Whether you're an ardent fan of the genre or a newcomer, Big Bass Crash is here to offer something truly special.


For those familiar with Crash, diving into Big Bass Crash will feel like second nature. However, while there are evident similarities to other games in the genre, Big Bass Crash offers a unique blend of features and enhancements that warrant a closer look. To maximize your gaming experience, we recommend getting acquainted with these additional features before delving into the Big Bass Crash strategy.

Here's a snapshot of what a typical round in Big Bass Crash entails:

  1. Placing Your Bet: As the countdown to the game start ticks down, players are given a brief window to determine their stake. Available options include setting a new bet, repeating a previous one, doubling it, or enabling autoplay.
  2. Embarking on the Adventure: With the start of the game, watch as the fisherman embarks on his enthusiastic hunt for the elusive Big Bass. The round begins at a 1.00x multiplier, which increases as the game progresses.
  3. Collecting Your Winnings: Players must decide when to cash out. The game concludes for an individual player either when they opt to cash out at the current bet multiplier or when our spirited fisherman, unfortunately, loses his net.
Winning Strategy for Pragmatic Play Big Bass Crash

Also, take note of these unique features that can significantly enhance your journey through Big Bass Crash:

  • With the “Cashout 50%” button, Big Bass Crash offers the unique option to pocket half your winnings anytime, letting you play on with the remainder — a useful tool for strategic play.
  • With the auto cashout feature, you can pre-set the multiplier for cashing out, ensuring you stick to your strategy without missing the prime opportunity.
  • The last 20 rounds' results are displayed at the screen's base, with an option to view the past 500 rounds. You can also peek at other players' real-time outcomes, initiate a chat, or reach out to support.

At its core, Big Bass Crash is an intuitive game accessible to both newcomers and seasoned players alike. The game's user-friendly interface and clear instructions ensure that even those new to the genre can quickly grasp its mechanics. Yet, for the experienced player, beneath this simplicity lies a depth of strategy and layers of complexity that promise countless hours of engaging gameplay.


Just like its predecessor, Spaceman, Big Bass Crash adds an exciting twist to the casino Crash game genre. The game is based on real-time decision-making, which gives you the opportunity to shape your journey and strategy. Here's a comprehensive Big Bass Crash strategy guide to maximize your chances. Before we continue, please note that any described strategies carry a degree of risk, and all outcomes in casino games are unpredictable.


Before diving into the game with real money, spend some time observing the gameplay. This will give you insights on when most players cash out, how frequently the round ends at higher multipliers, and other gameplay patterns.


A straightforward strategy can be maintained using the auto cashout feature. First, decide on a multiplier where you’d like to secure your winnings. Whether it’s a conservative 2x, a moderate 5x, or a high-risk, high-reward 20x, the choice should ultimately align with your risk tolerance and game strategy. This feature serves as a safeguard, ensuring you don't get carried away in the heat of the moment.


Big Bass Crash's unique “Cashout 50%” feature is a game-changer. It gives you a safety net. Once you reach a comfortable multiplier, cash out 50% of your winnings to secure some profits, while allowing the remaining half to continue growing. Expert players often secure half their earnings at the 2.00x mark, ensuring they recoup their initial stake while pursuing higher multipliers.


Adapt your betting style based on your risk tolerance. You can chase higher multipliers with smaller bets or vice versa.

  • While it's tempting to always chase the highest multipliers, remember that higher rewards come with increased risks. If you're a conservative player, consider cashing out at lower multipliers more frequently. Consistently cashing out often yields better results than aggressively chasing larger multipliers.
  • On the other hand, if you're more aggressive and willing to accept higher risks, you can wait for more significant multipliers. The “Cashout 50%” feature can be an invaluable tool in this balancing act, allowing you to secure some winnings while still pursuing larger rewards.


Big Bass Crash's outcomes are independent of previous rounds, so avoid basing your strategy on past results. The same can be said for the pre-game summary, which shows the total number of players and the total bet amount placed in the current game round. While it provides an overview of the current game environment, it doesn’t necessarily indicate anything else.


The Martingale strategy is a betting system where you increase your bets after losses, in the hope of recovering what you've lost and making a profit equivalent to your initial stake. Let's dive deeper into this strategy and its application using the Big Bass Crash scenario:

Martingale Strategy Fundamentals for Big Bass Crash:

  • Starting Bet: Begin with an initial bet of a predetermined amount, e.g., $2.
  • Double Up on Loss: If you lose the bet, you double the amount for the next round.
  • Reset on Win: As soon as you win, you revert to your initial bet and start over.

Applying the Martingale Strategy in the Big Bass Crash Scenario:

  • Initial Play: Start by betting $2 and set the auto cashout to 2.00x.
  • After a Loss: If you lose, double your bet to $4, still targeting the 2.00x cashout.
  • Continued Losses: Should you lose again, you double the bet to $8, maintaining the same 2.00x cashout.
  • Winning Round: Fortunately, on this try, you win and receive $16.

By this point, the total amount you have betted accumulates to $2 + $4 + $8 = $14. Your winnings from the final bet stand at $16. So, when you subtract your total bet from your total winnings, you are left with a profit of $2.

But be cautious. The Martingale strategy operates under the presumption of an unlimited bankroll and the absence of betting limits. In fact, this is not the case. Eventually, you could find yourself unable to place another bet, facing significant losses.


The Reverse Martingale is the direct opposite of the Martingale system. Instead of increasing your bet after a loss, with the Reverse Martingale, you double your bet after each win. The intention is to capitalize on hot streaks and not let a winning streak pass without benefiting from it.

Let's break down how this system works using the same kind of scenario we discussed earlier:

Reverse Martingale Strategy Fundamentals for Big Bass Crash:

  • Starting Bet: Begin with an initial bet of a predetermined amount, e.g., $2.
  • Double Up on Win: If you win the bet, you double the amount for the next round.
  • Reset on Loss: As soon as you lose, you revert to your initial bet and start over.

Applying the Reverse Martingale in the Big Bass Crash Scenario:

  • Initial Play: Start by betting $2 and set the cashout to 2.00x.
  • After a Win: Say you win the bet. Now, double your bet to $4, targeting the 2.00x cashout again.
  • Continued Wins: If luck favors you again and you win, you now bet $8, maintaining the 2.00x cashout.
  • Losing Round: This time, say you lose. You then revert to your initial bet of $2 and start over.

Many players decide to collect their profits after a predetermined number of consecutive wins, say three or four, to avoid giving all of it back during an inevitable losing round.

Both the Martingale and Reverse Martingale are time-honored strategies. Yet, their application in Big Bass Crash becomes especially intriguing given the game's unique mechanics. Rather than doubling your stake, you have the option to amplify your cashout target from 2.00x to 4.00x. Additionally, you can explore the potential of the Cashout 50% feature within these strategies. Dive into various approaches and seize your victory!


Without an adequate financial cushion, even the most refined Big Bass Crash strategies will fail. For illustration, employing the Martingale method necessitates a robust reserve, ensuring you can handle several back-to-back doubling scenarios.

In essence, the size and management of your bankroll determine how long you can stay in the game, and subsequently, how much opportunity you give your strategy to unfold. Always ensure your bets are proportionate to your bankroll, and never be tempted to chase losses with money you can't afford to lose. Remember, in Big Bass Crash or any other form of gambling, long-term success hinges not just on luck or strategy, but also on disciplined financial management.


The online gambling world is filled with tools and software claiming to improve winning chances. One such software that has garnered attention is the "Big Bass Crash Predictor." Marketed as a tool to help Big Bass Crash players pinpoint the optimal time to cash out their winnings, it claims to provide an edge in predicting when the round will end. But how much truth is there in these claims?

At its core, Big Bass Crash operates on a certified random number generator. This means that each round's outcome is entirely random and cannot be predicted or influenced. It's crucial to note that if anyone, including the software developer, could predict the game's outcome, the integrity and authenticity of the game would be at stake.

In reality, the Big Bass Crash Predictor's primary goal appears to be deceiving players. The so-called predictions it offers are merely random multipliers that lack any correlation with the actual game dynamics. And, tragically, some players are lured into purchasing this non-functional software, leading to financial losses.


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Can I consistently profit with a Big Bass Crash strategy?

While Big Bass Crash offers exciting gameplay, it's important to note that the house always has an inherent advantage. Thus, no strategy can guarantee consistent profits.

Is it beneficial to play Big Bass Crash with a strategy?

While no tactic guarantees a win, a strategic approach can provide a more controlled gaming experience, optimizing potential rewards and minimizing risks.

Where can I practice a Big Bass Crash strategy for free?

You can practice your Big Bass Crash strategy at LTC Casino without spending a dime; no account is required, either. Should you run out of practice money, a quick page refresh instantly tops up your balance.

How much can I win at Big Bass Crash?

With the maximum bet at Big Bass Crash being 0.001 BTC, hitting the 5,000x multiplier can fetch up to 5 BTC.