Crazy Time Stats and Biggest Wins

Evolution live game shows attract hundreds of players trying to win with various strategies and tricks. One common approach is to use statistics, i.e. the results of previous rounds, to predict future outcomes.

We've looked at stats for Crazy Time on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly timespans to see if this method works. We have also considered the biggest wins at Crazy Time of all time. Perhaps, there are also some statistical patterns that can tell us the best bets with the highest probability of a big win.

Stats at Live Game Shows by Evolution

Live game shows by Evolution are all variations of the wheel of fortune. The host starts the game round by triggering the wheel with multiple segments on it. These segments may indicate a multiplier, a special feature, or a bonus game. The exact set of segments may vary from game to game, but the basic principle remains the same.

It is expected that some segments will appear more often than others in short timeframes. You can see the stats for the last 21 rounds at the bottom of the game screen, and clicking a special button reveals the results of 49 rounds.

Players may try to draw certain conclusions based on this information. For example, they know that the bonus game is triggered once every six rounds on average, but it has not come up for 14 rounds in a row. It makes them believe that the bonus game is definitely around the corner. Or if Two lands six times in a row, they may think that the same segment will likely come up the seventh time.

Looking ahead, we should note that this way of thinking has a special name – the gambler's fallacy. People tend to establish false links between completely unrelated events. Indeed, the bonus game may not come up 20 or even 30 times in a row, but it doesn't make it more probable in one of the future rounds. Subsequently, the bonus game may appear 2-3 times in a row and thus even out the probabilities, but no one knows exactly when this will happen.

All of that brings into play another phenomenon – the law of large numbers. According to the law, the mean value of a finite sample from a fixed distribution is close to the mathematical expectation of this distribution. In other words, over a sufficiently long distance, the probability between the segments in Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, or Dream Catcher is always distributed closer to the statistical expectation.

The stats we have collected for Crazy Time, Monopoly, and Dream Catcher reaffirm this assertion. However, there is still a way to improve your chances of winning or lessen the likelihood of losing.

Crazy Time Stats

Crazy Time is one of the most popular game shows by Evolution. In Crazy Time with Bitcoin, you can bet on four multiplier segments and four bonus segments. Bonus games differ in winning potential, with Coin Flip having the least potential and Crazy Time being one of the most attractive segments. The game also has a Top Slot feature that may randomly assign one of the segments with a multiplier up to 50x at the beginning of the round.

  • Game name - Crazy Time
  • Number of segments - 54
  • Multiplier segments - 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Bonus segments - Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time
  • Extra features - Top Slot
  • RTP - 96.08%
  • Max payout - 25,000x
Crazy Time LTC Casino Screenshot
Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 38.88% 31.15% 39.88% 39.24% 39.02%
2 24.07% 27.87% 25.71% 24.83% 24.08%
5 12.96% 8.20% 10.35% 12.37% 12.81%
10 7.40% 13.11% 6.99% 7.06% 7.34%
Cash Hunt 3.70% 3.28% 4.35% 3.80% 3.60%
Pachinko 3.70% 6.56% 3.16% 3.62% 3.85%
Coin Flip 7.40% 6.56% 7.84% 7.26% 7.39%
Crazy Time 1.85% 3.28% 1.71% 1.82% 1.90%

As can be seen in the table above, the one-hour results deviated significantly from the expectations because Two, Ten, Pachinko, and Crazy Time were coming up more frequently. However, even in such a short period as one day, the actual results are closely aligned with the expected ones. And they continue to smooth out over time.

Likewise, it is worth noting that Ten landed twice with a break of one round just before we finished collecting the stats. If players were guided by the past results, they would not expect that and therefore lose money by placing less profitable bets.

Crazy Time Biggest Wins

The biggest wins of all time on Crazy Time stats paint an even more interesting picture. They are as follows:

  • 25,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 12,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 12,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 12,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 8,000x – Crazy Time
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 5,600x - Pachinko
  • 5,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 5,000x - Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game is an undisputed leader in terms of the quantity and size of max wins. This result is achieved by hitting Cash Hunt with an extra multiplier that goes as high as 25x in the examples above.

It is noteworthy that in Cash Hunt, you need to pick one of the 108 positions, and only one of them awards the maximum payout. Therefore, the probability of guessing the correct position is low. However, according to the stats, Cash Hunt is the best bet in Crazy Time if you are aiming for the max win.


In addition to choosing betting areas, Crazy Time players have other decisions to make that can affect their results. These include the Cash Hunt and Crazy Time bonus games, where the player's choice determines the final prize. Let's examine how results are distributed in these bonus rounds and see if a bit of statistical knowledge can aid in making better decisions.

Cash Hunt Stats

Cash Hunt is an exhilarating bonus game where players pick from 108 spots, each concealing a multiplier. Notably, it's one of the most rewarding bonus games, often offering multipliers of 3000x or more. However, the catch is that only one of these 108 spots contains such a high multiplier, and most of the others typically offer payouts not exceeding 50x, which also depends on the additional multiplier from the Top Slot feature.

To understand this better, we've gathered statistics from the Cash Hunt bonus game across three different days to analyze which spots hold the most promise. The tables provided represent a Cash Hunt screen layout featuring 12 rows and 9 columns.

First Day's Average Outcomes in the Cash Hunt Bonus Game
28.81x 26.79x 28.60x 29.55x 23.19x 27.40x 23.40x 26.23x 34.30x
21.36x 32.19x 31.66x 21.19x 24.55x 25.87x 27.68x 26.09x 27.87x
34.02x 23.13x 29.58x 30.40x 31.96x 25.45x 27.09x 24.68x 23.89x
36.32x 25.13x 37.53x 27.47x 21.96x 27.98x 33.96x 29.85x 29.36x
28.72x 25.91x 24.06x 29.13x 29.34x 24.53x 29.32x 29.89x 28.29x
25.51x 23.06x 40.92x 27.66x 29.43x 30.49x 24.02x 37.25x 32.55x
24.57x 29.47x 25.17x 34.30x 30.36x 28.55x 33.26x 27.70x 27.53x
24.57x 42.17x 25.21x 34.30x 27.81x 25.25x 29.96x 24.62x 32.40x
24.34x 26.25x 21.72x 22.40x 37.66x 29.23x 36.13x 24.56x 21.79x
28.30x 23.13x 25.51x 27.47x 27.36x 37.66x 27.09x 24.45x 31.23x
41.92x 33.25x 33.83x 28.87x 92.74x 34.58x 32.77x 24.49x 23.70x
34.38x 23.83x 26.17x 30.91x 29.04x 21.81x 28.51x 25.32x 29.06x

Best Symbols:

  • Duck: 35.97x
  • Clown Hat: 30.13x
  • Star: 29.04x
  • Apple: 28.29x
  • Gift: 27.77x
  • Cactus: 27.67x
  • Target: 27.45x
  • Cake: 26.19x
  • Rabbit: 25.98x
Second Day's Average Outcomes in the Cash Hunt Bonus Game
27.70x 34.21x 33.21x 22.17x 30.56x 27.89x 26.58x 29.14x 26.48x
28.53x 30.21x 29.85x 31.78x 28.68x 33.67x 29.73x 36.58x 26.91x
26.15x 28.05x 32.34x 29.68x 25.82x 24.37x 24.16x 31.57x 23.49x
24.87x 35.21x 24.19x 27.14x 23.88x 29.23x 35.98x 26.37x 29.92x
34.89x 22.34x 28.42x 25.69x 29.11x 25.36x 34.98x 27.95x 25.32x
29.79x 31.47x 24.89x 28.59x 27.69x 28.37x 36.49x 26.47x 23.39x
22.34x 28.46x 29.84x 26.56x 27.83x 29.33x 33.87x 30.11x 25.38x
31.64x 27.69x 32.98x 31.57x 29.68x 26.47x 30.76x 30.58x 29.21x
34.21x 25.41x 26.88x 27.56x 26.83x 42.22x 22.83x 36.89x 28.42x
26.58x 25.32x 28.14x 29.77x 23.74x 29.11x 24.95x 33.37x 34.89x
28.65x 32.39x 26.15x 91.59x 27.14x 25.76x 29.57x 23.59x 27.66x
42.57x 24.67x 26.37x 25.62x 24.37x 22.78x 25.41x 25.32x 25.27x

Best Symbols:

  • Cake: 35.10x
  • Rabbit: 29.80x
  • Target: 29.09x
  • Clown Hat: 28.95x
  • Cactus: 28.03x
  • Star: 26.72x
  • Apple: 26.59x
  • Duck: 26.21x
  • Gift: 25.13x
Third Day's Average Outcomes in the Cash Hunt Bonus Game
33.67x 26.15x 28.68x 29.73x 31.78x 22.34x 34.21x 24.19x 30.56x
28.42x 28.37x 25.82x 33.21x 23.74x 29.14x 27.89x 29.77x 26.58x
29.92x 28.53x 36.58x 24.87x 25.36x 29.11x 26.48x 29.85x 27.70x
26.47x 30.58x 25.38x 31.57x 35.21x 34.98x 27.14x 23.49x 34.89x
25.69x 26.37x 27.95x 28.59x 25.32x 35.98x 27.69x 24.16x 32.34x
26.91x 24.37x 25.62x 30.76x 29.68x 29.68x 29.21x 28.14x 33.87x
26.56x 25.41x 28.14x 27.56x 31.64x 24.95x 29.84x 26.83x 42.22x
23.39x 32.98x 26.58x 25.32x 22.17x 30.11x 34.89x 23.88x 27.69x
22.83x 36.49x 26.15x 28.65x 27.83x 24.67x 31.57x 29.23x 25.32x
36.89x 28.05x 23.59x 26.47x 25.41x 24.37x 31.47x 22.78x 29.79x
26.88x 28.46x 25.41x 30.21x 32.39x 91.59x 27.95x 29.77x 27.83x
22.83x 29.68x 29.33x 25.69x 24.89x 26.91x 28.14x 34.21x 27.95x

Best Symbols:

  • Gift: 36.31x
  • Cactus: 30.66x
  • Target: 29.10x
  • Clown Hat: 28.89x
  • Rabbit: 28.58x
  • Apple: 27.30x
  • Star: 27.21x
  • Cake: 26.76x
  • Duck: 26.14x
Average Outcomes of the Cash Hunt Bonus Game Across All Analyzed Segments
30.06x 29.05x 30.16x 27.15x 28.51x 25.88x 28.06x 26.52x 30.45x
26.10x 30.26x 29.11x 28.73x 25.66x 29.56x 28.43x 30.81x 27.12x
30.03x 26.57x 32.83x 28.32x 27.71x 26.31x 25.91x 28.70x 25.03x
29.22x 30.31x 29.03x 28.73x 27.02x 30.73x 32.36x 26.57x 31.39x
29.77x 24.87x 26.81x 27.80x 27.92x 28.62x 30.66x 27.33x 28.65x
27.40x 26.30x 30.48x 29.00x 28.93x 29.51x 29.91x 30.62x 29.94x
24.49x 27.78x 27.72x 29.47x 29.94x 27.61x 32.32x 28.21x 31.71x
26.53x 34.28x 28.26x 30.40x 26.55x 27.28x 31.87x 26.36x 29.77x
27.13x 29.38x 24.92x 26.20x 30.77x 32.04x 30.18x 30.23x 25.18x
30.59x 25.50x 25.75x 27.90x 25.50x 30.38x 27.84x 26.87x 31.97x
32.48x 31.37x 28.46x 50.22x 50.76x 50.64x 30.10x 25.95x 26.40x
33.26x 26.06x 27.29x 27.41x 26.10x 23.83x 27.35x 28.28x 27.43x

Best Symbols:

  • Gift: 29.74x
  • Duck: 29.44x
  • Cake: 29.35x
  • Clown Hat: 29.32x
  • Cactus: 28.79x
  • Target: 28.55x
  • Rabbit: 28.12x
  • Star: 27.66x
  • Apple: 27.39x

These findings weren't entirely unexpected. While there are notable daily fluctuations, such as individual spots exceeding 90x, the averages tend to stabilize over a period like 3 days, with most results hovering around 30x. This trend holds true for individual symbols as well.

Crazy Time LTC Casino Screenshot

Crazy Time Bonus Round Stats

The second bonus game requiring a choice is Crazy Time World, activated when the wheel lands on a Crazy Time segment. In this phase, the host leads players to a separate room featuring a much larger wheel with three pointers. Players must choose one of these pointers, hoping it lands on the DOUBLE or TRIPLE wheel segments, ultimately aiming for a substantial multiplier.

Let's dive into the distribution of Crazy Time results among the pointers.

First Day's Average Outcomes in the Crazy Time Bonus Game
Pointer Green Blue Yellow
Multiplier 36.11x 52.41x 50.37x
Doubles 4 8 7
Triples 0 1 0
Second Day's Average Outcomes in the Crazy Time Bonus Game
Pointer Green Blue Yellow
Multiplier 22.01x 211.77x 52.31x
Doubles 3 6 5
Triples 0 3 1
Third Day's Average Outcomes in the Crazy Time Bonus Game
Pointer Green Blue Yellow
Multiplier 43.27x 48.42x 42.59x
Doubles 9 7 6
Triples 1 0 0
Average Outcomes of the Crazy Time Bonus Game Across All Analyzed Segments
Pointer Green Blue Yellow
Multiplier 33.80x 104.20x 48.42x
Doubles 5.3 7 6
Triples 0.33 1.33 0.33

It's evident that the larger wins in the Crazy Time bonus game hinge on the number of doubles and triples you collect. The key challenge lies in predicting which pointer will align with the most of these sought-after segments.

Coin Flip Stats

Now, let's shift our focus to the simpler bonus games in Crazy Time, where no decision-making is required. Despite this, players are likely interested in the statistics of these bonuses to understand the potential winnings they can anticipate.

The first of these is Coin Flip. True to its name, this bonus round involves a special device that flips a coin with red and blue sides. Before the toss, each side is assigned a random multiplier. The side facing up when the coin lands determines the size of the winnings.

Let's review the results of the Coin Flip bonus game over various days, continuing with our established pattern of analysis.

First Day's Average Outcomes in the Coin Flip Bonus Game
Color Red Blue
Frequency 54.76% 45.24%
Average Payout 10.33x 15.11x
Second Day's Average Outcomes in the Coin Flip Bonus Game
Color Red Blue
Frequency 51.38% 48.62%
Average Payout 12.73x 13.38x
Third Day's Average Outcomes in the Coin Flip Bonus Game
Color Red Blue
Frequency 50.27% 49.73%
Average Payout 14.44x 9.83x
Average Outcomes of the Coin Flip Bonus Game Across All Analyzed Segments
Color Red Blue
Frequency 52.13% 47.87%
Average Payout 12.50x 12.77x

If you tend to favor a particular color and consistently hope for it in Coin Flip, the statistics suggest that, in general, your preference might not significantly impact the outcome. While the payouts in the Coin Flip bonus game aren't exceptionally high, it's important to remember that this is the most frequently occurring bonus. However, actual Crazy Time history implies that betting on Segment 10 might be more profitable than Coin Flip for players, though this ultimately boils down to personal choice.

Crazy Time LTC Casino Screenshot

Pachinko Stats

Pachinko, a casino game inspired by a well-loved Japanese slot machine, stands as a favorite among Crazy Time players. The allure of Pachinko lies in the large multipliers displayed at the bottom of the screen, captivating players with the promise of significant rewards. Similar to Crazy Time, this bonus game offers the chance to double payouts when the ball lands in specific cells.

Let's examine how realistic these expectations are. Considering player interaction, Pachinko is one of the simplest bonus games in Crazy Time. Therefore, in our analysis, we will focus on the basic averages to understand its dynamics better.

Timespan Average Payout
Day 1 28x
Day 2 61x
Day 3 49x
All Timespans 46x

Overall, Pachinko tends to offer fairly attractive payouts. The frequency of the Pachinko segment appearing in the Crazy Time wheel stats is comparable to that of Coin Flip, but the payout in Pachinko is uniform for all players. As a result, Pachinko can be viewed as a less volatile bonus game, maintaining a similar probability of occurring.

Crazy Time LTC Casino Screenshot


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Crazy Time Statistic FAQ

Q: How does Crazy Time work?

A: Crazy Time blends a mechanical wheel, virtual reality features, and the element of randomness to craft a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

Q: Are there any Crazy Time predictors?

A: While there may be software touted as "predictors for Crazy Time," it's important to understand that, despite developers' claims, they cannot guarantee results. In Crazy Time, all outcomes are entirely random, making it impossible for any predictor to accurately calculate them.

Q: How can I get an advantage by using Crazy Time stats?

A: Crazy Time stats can be useful for enhancing your gameplay, but they don't equate to guaranteed predictions of results. Rather, you can employ these game statistics to tailor your playing style to your preferences. For example, you might opt to bet on Segment 10 instead of Coin Flip, or choose Pachinko over Cash Hunt.