5 Reasons to Consider Gambling at a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casinos have gained popularity in recent years, as crypto solves many pressing problems of the players.

There are at least five main reasons to choose a Bitcoin casino for gambling.


Bitcoin provides a reliable way to send money to online casinos. All Bitcoin transactions are conducted in a decentralized manner through a blockchain, free from most of the disadvantages of modern centralized payment systems. The blockchain excludes the possibility of fraudulent payment data insertion by intruders, while no operator can interfere with transactions, as sometimes happens with banks or other traditional methods.


The vast majority of complaints from online casino players are related to the problems of funds transfer, both when making deposits and receiving winnings. Depending on the player’s location, some payment methods may be unavailable. In other cases, the player has to wait up to several business days before his deposit/withdrawal gets processed in the payment system. The casino in this case cannot influence the processing speed in any way.

Such situations are eliminated with Bitcoin. Since the Bitcoin network is not controlled by any financial institution or government, deposits and withdrawals in crypto depend solely on the algorithm or the program, which isn’t bothered about who transfers money and from where. In most cases, when dealing with crypto, you will need to wait from several minutes to half an hour for funds to be credited, and this applies both to deposits and withdrawals from a casino. One cannot but agree that this is much more convenient than waiting several days for the payment operator to approve the transaction if he does not change his mind at all.


Bitcoin has been around for more than ten years, so there is a whole infrastructure of services, making it easy to buy, sell, store, and transfer crypto. This infrastructure is formed of different wallets and exchanges that help users convert digital currencies to traditional ones. If you still don’t know how to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily, here is our guide.

No added interest for deposits/withdrawals

All casinos use third-party payment systems that charge large commissions for their services. While a few percent may seem like a small amount, when the turnover is high, total costs become staggering. As an example, for every $100 in deposits, a casino in most cases gives away from $3 to 8. If the player transfers money through a casino and does not participate in games, such costs will be passed on to himself.

An important advantage of Bitcoin over traditional payment systems is that with it such interest does not exist. Yes, you will have to pay a fee to miners, but it rarely exceeds a few dollars, even if you transfer millions.

More attractive bonuses

The next advantage comes out directly from the previous one. A casino that does not incur large processing costs for players’ transactions can offer more attractive bonuses. These are usually deposit bonuses. In many cases, the first deposit bonus in crypto exceeds a similar offer in traditional currency. Ultimately, the loyalty system is exactly the factor that distinguishes one casino from another with a similar game set.