Best Bac Bo Strategies

Bac Bo is a live dealer game by Evolution that combines two other crypto live casino games from the same provider: Baccarat and Sic Bo. Hence the name Bac Bo. It is also one of the variations of crypto dice.

Bac Bo offers a return to player (RTP) of 98.87%, similar to the traditional baccarat and one of the highest among casino games in general. Thus, this game is one of the most profitable for the player. However, in order to bring the actual RTP closer to the one declared by the provider, it is essential to follow the Bac Bo casino strategy.

Bac Bo vs. Traditional Baccarat

Before moving on to the Bac Bo strategy, let’s take a look at the key features of this game.

  • Unlike traditional baccarat, Bac Bo uses dice rather than cards, making it easier to play.
  • Bac Bo utilizes four dice that tremble on the table in a special area and stop in a predetermined sequence. The player’s die stops first, then the banker’s die. The next die is determined based on the side that rolled the highest value in the first round. In the event of a tie in the first round, the player’s die stops next, then the banker’s die.
  • Bac Bo bets are placed in the same way as in other Evolution games, so it will be unproblematic for you to learn this game. However, unlike baccarat, where the betting history is reset after a deck change, you can view the results of previous rounds at any time in Bac Bo.

What Are the Benefits of Playing With a Strategy?

We suggest that players follow the Evolution Bac Bo strategy because this is the only way to achieve the highest RTP in the long run. The Bac Bo strategy describes the most optimal and mathematically correct way of playing, which allows, if not to beat the casino, then at least to reduce its advantage.

Neither the casino nor you know the outcome of the next round – that’s the whole point of gambling. Winning or losing at the casino is always a chance. However, you can reduce the impact of randomness by systematizing your game through the Bac Bo strategy. Sometimes players make very disadvantageous decisions without knowing that. The strategy helps to avoid such situations.

Best Strategies for Bac Bo

Since Evolution’s Bac Bo is essentially baccarat with dice instead of cards, baccarat strategies work great as a Bac Bo strategy.

  • Bet on the player or the banker. The payouts for the player and the banker sides in Bac Bo are both 1:1. It means that you can freely choose any side without compromising the RTP.
  • Avoid betting on a tie. A bet on a tie attracts with a substantial payout of up to 88:1, but be careful. As in traditional baccarat, the tie bet is the least profitable for the Bac Bo player. Where else would the house edge of 1.13% come from? What’s more, when betting on the player or the banker, in the event of a tie, you get a return of 90% of your bet. So this outcome is still favorable for you, even if you do not bet on a tie. Of course, you can take a risk and play a couple of rounds with the tie bets, but this approach has nothing to do with the optimal Bac Bo strategy.
  • Choose a betting model. You can check the history of previous rounds and try to figure out some pattern to place bets on that basis. However, the history does not really determine anything since the result of each new round is completely random. You can also continuously bet on one side or change them after each round. Select the approach that suits you the most because the expected value for betting on the player and the banker is exactly the same.

Tips for Playing Bac Bo

In addition to the Bac Bo strategy, general gambling suggestions also apply to this game.

  • Manage your bankroll. It is crucial not only to follow the strategy but also to manage your bankroll properly. If your balance is enough for only 1-2 bets, you can lose quickly. The influence of randomness will be too great, which we are trying to reduce with the Bac Bo strategy. It all depends on the player’s personal preferences, but for games like Bac Bo, a balance of at least 20-30 bets is considered optimal. It allows you to extend your time at the table and take advantage of the strategy.
  • Consider classic betting strategies. The most common of these is the Martingale strategy. According to this system, you should double your bet after each loss. This approach allows you to recapture all previous losses with the first win. But stay mindful because the bet size can get out of control at full tilt in the case of a long losing streak. This category also includes the Anti-Martingale strategy, the Oscar’s grind strategy, and the Paroli system.
  • Know when to end the game. A winning streak can be tricky, so it’s better to decide in advance how much you want to win before leaving the table. Remember that an endless game always ends in a complete loss of money. Similarly, it is worth setting a loss limit.

Where Can I Try Bac Bo Strategy and Win?

You can play Bac Bo and all other games from Evolution at LTC Casino. On top of an extensive list of games, LTC Casino attracts players with the absence of verification requirements and instant payouts. In other words, if the Evolution Bac Bo strategy yields results and you manage to win, you will not face any difficulties withdrawing your funds. In addition, you will find strategies for many other table games that are also worth trying on our site.

Should I Play Bac Bo?

If you like baccarat and have been looking for ways to mix it up, you should definitely try Bac Bo. Thanks to its uncomplicated set of rules, the game is also great for beginners. Just learn the Bac Bo strategy, place a bet on one of the sides and enjoy the game.