Evolution Blackjack Strategy – Basic Blackjack Tips

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Evolution offers one of the best live dealer blackjack variations available to online casino players. As with any other game, the Evolution blackjack strategy helps you systematize the decision-making process and increase your chances of winning.



Basic Strategy for Live Blackjack from Evolution

The basic Blackjack strategy is the set of principles for playing Blackjack from Evolution that allows to minimize the possible loss or to maximize the odds of winning for each particular hand. In other words, this is the mathematically optimal way to play a hand in Blackjack based on information only about the total of the player’s hand and the dealer’s open card. The live Blackjack strategy is the only right way to play the hand without any other information. When using this strategy, it’s crucial to choose the best Ethereum gambling site. Some untrusted and unlicensed casino sites may block you for ridiculous reasons, such as playing at more than two seats or playing with a strategy.

Evolution Blackjack strategy chart:

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

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Do not use insurance and do not take even money.

Hard hands

  • Against dealer’s 2,3 – hit till hard 13.
  • Against dealer’s 4,5,6 – hit till hard 12.
  • Against dealer’s 7,8,9,T,A – hit till hard 17.

Double down on hard hands

  • With player’s 10 and 11 – double against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
  • With player’s 9 – double against dealer’s 3,4,5,6.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart for Hard Hands:

Hard Hands Blackjack Chart

Hard Hands Blackjack Chart

Soft hands

  • Against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 – hit till soft 18.
  • Against dealer’s 9, X, A – hit till soft 19.

Double down on soft hands

  • With player’s A,2 and A,3 – double against dealer’s 5.6.
  • With player’s A,4 and A,5 – double against dealer’s 4,5,6.
  • With player’s A,6 and A,7 – double against dealer’s 3,4,5,6.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart for Soft Hands:

Soft Hands Blackjack Chart

Soft Hands Blackjack Chart


  • With player’s 2,2 and 3,3 – split against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,7.
  • With player’s 4,4 – split against dealer’s 5,6.
  • With player’s 5,5 – do not split (double against dealer’s 2-9).
  • With player’s 6,6 – split against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6.
  • With player’s 7,7 – split against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,7.
  • With player’s 8,8 – split against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
  • With player’s 9,9 – split against dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 (from 2 to 9, but not against 7).
  • With player’s T,T – do not split (stand).
  • With player’s A,A – split against the dealer’s 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,T.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart for Splitting:

Blackjack Strategy Chart for Splitting Pairs

Blackjack Strategy Chart for Splitting Pairs


Where Can You Try Evolution Blackjack Strategy?

Evolution Gaming is the market leader in live dealer gambling, so you can play their games virtually at any online casino. While having a wide selection may seem like an advantage, it also means that you may end up at Bitcoin blackjack casinos with long withdrawal times, poor customer support, and other downsides.

We recommend LTC Casino because there you can:

  • Play blackjack anonymously. You only need to provide an email;
  • Play blackjack from anywhere in the world. LTC Casino does not apply country restrictions;
  • Instantly withdraw winnings, even if this is your first withdrawal and you play with a strategy;
  • Play blackjack with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

On top of that, at LTC Casino as well as at ETH casino, you can try various Evolution Gaming games with strategies that you will find on our website.

Evolution Blackjack Strategies for Each Game Type

Despite its long history, Blackjack remains highly relevant in the modern-day gambling environment. Still, Bitcoin live casino players have access to revamped versions of Blackjack that refresh the familiar gameplay and elevate it to new heights.

Some of the most popular versions of Blackjack from Evolution based on modified rules include:

  • Infinite Blackjack – Unlimited-seat Blackjack, where any number of players can join the table;
  • Free Bet Blackjack – Blackjack with “Free Double Down” and “Free Split” options;
  • Lightning Blackjack – Blackjack with extra multipliers ranging from 2x to 25x;
  • Power Blackjack – Blackjack with doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down options.

While none of the redesigned versions of Blackjack ensure better odds for players, they certainly enhance the gambling experience and even allow you to win more under certain conditions. As these versions of the game employ modified rules, it is recommended that players adjust the classic Blackjack strategy to achieve optimal playstyle.

Basic Strategy for Infinite Blackjack by Evolution

Infinite Blackjack is the closest to the original Blackjack of all the games discussed in this section. The key difference is that the table accommodates an unlimited number of players who all play the same hand, eliminating the need to wait for an open seat.

Another notable feature of Infinite Blackjack is side bets with payouts up to 100:1, far surpassing those of standard Blackjack. If you’ve already mastered the regular Blackjack strategy, we recommend that you understand the intricacies of side bets before trying your hand at Infinite Blackjack.

Basic Strategy for Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution

Splits and double downs are the two most lucrative moves a Blackjack player can make. However, they require players to place an additional bet equivalent to their initial wager, thereby increasing their overall risk. In Free Bet Blackjack, players can enjoy free double downs and splits, without any added financial burden.

Similarly to the classic version of Blackjack, it is essential to understand when to employ double downs and splits. To get an idea of when you should take advantage of free splits and when it’s best to decline the opportunity, refer to our Free Bet Blackjack strategy guide.

Basic Strategy for Lightning Blackjack by Evolution

Lightning Blackjack is fundamentally different from the traditional Blackjack game, as it offers extra multipliers that can increase the player’s winnings by up to 25 times. However, to activate these multipliers, players must place an additional bet equivalent to their initial wager.

Lightning Blackjack presents endless opportunities to players who seek higher rewards and are willing to take calculated risks. The basic strategy for Lightning Blackjack play involves actions that would typically be deemed unorthodox in traditional Blackjack. Generally, it is advisable to play a broader range of hands if it presents the potential to achieve or capitalize on a large multiplier, even if one would typically stand on such a hand in regular Blackjack.

Basic Strategy for Power Blackjack by Evolution

As previously stated, doubling down is a popular choice in Blackjack. However, Power Blackjack elevates this idea by providing the opportunity not only to double down but also to triple or quadruple down.

Despite this notable feature, the game strategy doesn’t change much. This means that most often, you should use the triple down or quadruple down options in the same scenarios as you would use the double down option in regular Blackjack. For example, you should use the option with a pair of 5’s If the dealer has less than 10.

However, you should keep in mind that in Power Blackjack by Evolution, all nines and tens have been removed from the decks. This should also influence your strategy. Suppose the dealer shows a 4, and you hold a soft 16. In such a scenario, it’s advisable to hit instead of using a quadruple down, as the probability of the dealer busting is significantly lower. In regular Blackjack, the correct move would be to double down.

Tips to Play Evolution Blackjack Better

In addition to the Evolution blackjack strategy, there are extra tips to help you get the most out of the game and keep your winnings.

1. Master the Blackjack basic strategy presented above

Indeed, what is the use of a live blackjack strategy if you don’t follow it? At times, you may feel that it is better to move away from the plan and play differently. You can even win once or twice. However, mind that no decision will be more profitable in the long run than those indicated in the basic strategy.

Add this page to the bookmarks and return to it every time you decide to play blackjack. Soon, you will notice that you have fully mastered the Evolution blackjack strategy and have to refer to the chart only for the most challenging hands.

2. Manage your bankroll and size your bets

The strategy won’t help you win if you don’t manage your bankroll accordingly. When you have enough money only for 1-2 bets, the power of randomness is too significant.

Better size your bets against the bankroll so that you have enough funds to play at least 20-30 rounds. In this case, you can take advantage of the strategy and get the most out of the game by extending it.

3. Ignore other players’ decisions

It often happens that you and another player are dealt the same card. This player makes a suboptimal decision and receives a good card. Therefore, you may be tempted to repeat the other player’s action, especially if he has a large balance.

But you don’t know if this player is using some strategy. Moreover, this player may be tilted, while an attempt to repeat the same action can turn into a loss for you since the chances are not on your side. Stick to the basic Evolution Gaming blackjack strategy, no matter what the other players do, and don’t let impulses ruin your game.

4. Decide when to leave the table

It is crucial not only to manage your bankroll but also to know when to end the game. As your bankroll grows, you can place the bets more freely, but remember: an endless game always ends in a loss. So decide in advance how much you want to win and stick to the plan.


Q: How to use the Blackjack Basic Strategy chart?
A: In order to utilize the Blackjack Basic Strategy chart effectively, the first step is to locate your hand in the left column. Next, locate the dealer’s open card in the top row. The correct decision for your hand can then be found at the intersection of the two.

Q: Is it possible to surrender in Evolution Blackjack games?
A: The Surrender option is not available in Evolution Blackjack games. Either way, Surrender is never the mathematically optimal decision when playing Blackjack.

Q: Is card counting an effective strategy in Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack?
A: Card-counting strategies do not work in Evolution’s Blackjack. The reason being, these games utilize multiple decks that are frequently shuffled, rendering card counting ineffective.

Q: How can I practice using Blackjack Basic Strategy?
A: Only real bets are allowed at Evolution’s live Blackjack tables. However, you can practice your strategy for free by selecting any of the software-based crypto Blackjack games at LTC Casino.