Blockchain Gambling Online. Best Blockchain Casinos

If you have searched for an online casino lately, you must have come across numerous blockchain gambling websites. In simple terms, a blockchain is a decentralized network with unrestricted access. The blockchain is particularly useful for payments, which explains its widespread adoption in the gambling industry.  

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing blockchain casinos. We are going to examine them in more detail throughout this article.

Why Blockchain Casinos?

The blockchain turned out to be the best solution for the existing issues in the gambling industry. Against this background, it is hardly surprising that over 90% of transactions worth billions of dollars are related to gambling in some blockchains.

The blockchain is the same technology that made the Bitcoin cryptocurrency possible. However, unlike Bitcoin, the outlooks of the blockchain go far beyond simple money transfers. For example, this technology enables the creation of decentralized applications, including blockchain casinos and blockchain casino games. Notably, these applications possess the same advantages as cryptocurrencies being fully transparent and trustless.

One of the fundamental features of the blockchain is its widespread availability. Many found themselves in a situation where they couldn’t send a transaction due to dubious restrictions. The blockchain serves to protect you from such situations. No centralized entity that would dictate which operations to process controls it. 

Moreover, blockchain users don’t need to disclose their real names. As a result, your blockchain casino deposit will be indistinguishable from a transfer between personal wallets and will certainly not appear on your bank statement. Banks dislike gambling and may conduct additional checks or even refuse a loan if they find transfers to an online casino. The blockchain makes gambling less troublesome.

Despite the higher degree of anonymity, blockchain transactions are entirely transparent. This feature has led to a wholly new casino game category – provably fair games. To put it in simple terms, provably fair algorithms allow you to personally verify the outcome. That’s how you know that the casino doesn’t interfere with the results during the game.



Best Blockchain Casinos in 2022

The blockchain has become a revolutionary technology for the online gambling industry and provided solutions to its most critical and longstanding problems. However, only the best blockchain casinos unleash its full potential and ensure a superior gaming experience. 

LTC Casino

LTC Casino is the latest casino focused on accessible and straightforward blockchain gambling. To that end, LTC Casino has abandoned verification and data collection. What’s more, LTC Casino instantly approves withdrawal requests. Since all the transactions are processed via blockchain, you are guaranteed to receive the winnings in a matter of minutes. And just like with the blockchain, anyone in the world can freely play at LTC Casino.

TTR Casino

If you prefer casinos with a more established track record and all the benefits of the blockchain at the same time, consider TTR Casino. Founded in 2016, TTR Casino attracts with its extensive game collection and fast payouts. After signing up at TTR Casino, you will be able to claim a 100% bonus on your first deposit and participate in regular promotions with countless extra prizes.

Surf Casino

Players looking for even more lucrative bonus offers will find them at Surf Casino. Surf Casino provides bonuses for your first four deposits up to $1,500 in total! All associated benefits are also available, including fast withdrawals, slot races, lotteries, and other great offers.

DLX Casino

On top of an exciting welcome bonus, DLX Casino players earn generous rewards as a part of a loyalty program. It includes eight levels with various deposit bonuses, free spins, and cash rewards. DLX Casino provides first-class service and ensures fast payouts like other casinos on the list.

Benefits of Blockchain Gambling

If you are still unsure whether to start playing at blockchain casinos, here are a few advantages that speak in their favor. It is no coincidence that blockchain gambling websites have become so widespread lately, and even regular online casinos endorse this technology.

Fast Transactions

The blockchain offers real-time transactions protected against delays and freezing. With it, your deposits and withdrawals will take from a few seconds to several minutes. This is a drastic improvement compared to traditional online casinos, where transaction processing can take up to 5 business days. And since transactions pass directly between your wallet and the casino, there are no intermediaries that typically slow down the process.

Anonymous Gambling

You don’t have to disclose personal data to use the blockchain. However, it is essential that the blockchain casino you choose permits anonymous gambling. Some blockchain casinos still request verification, thus undermining your privacy. On the other hand, websites like LTC Casino do not collect personal data and allow their players to remain anonymous.

Low Fees

The elimination of intermediaries also leads to a substantial drop in fees. Online casinos tend to impose withdrawal requirements or charge extra fees to cover their expenses associated with the traditional payment system. Blockchain transactions have a fixed cost regardless of the payment amount. Therefore, you can withdraw winnings from a blockchain casino virtually at any point.

Decentralized Casinos

Decentralized casinos constitute a separate category of blockchain gambling websites. These casinos use open-source software and offer provably fair games. Unfortunately, despite all the advantages of the blockchain, the technology is not yet sufficiently developed to support full-fledged gameplay. Furthermore, decentralized casinos have to develop games for themselves while having limited resources. That’s why their selection and quality leave much to be desired. That said, LTC Casino supports both provably fair games and all other titles that you can play at regular online casinos.

Blockchain Casino Games

While we are on this topic, let’s review the main types of blockchain casino games. Since blockchain casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, you can expect to see all the latest releases from the world’s best providers in their collections.


Like any other online casino, slots are central to the library of blockchain casino games. The best blockchain casinos from our list offer the same favorite slots that you can enjoy in regular online casinos. This number includes Megaways slots, Bonus buy slots, Book-themed slots, and so on.


Roulette is yet another trendy game among online casino players. Bitcoin roulette casinos offer roulette from renowned providers, including its live dealer versions, as well as variations based on provably fair algorithms.


Perhaps you are used to traditional versions of the dice game, such as craps. Certainly, you can play all these games at blockchain casinos too. However, most players come to blockchain casinos for a different type of dice. In blockchain dice, you need to guess whether the result of a roll will be higher or lower than a specified value. You can flexibly adjust the risks to win in nearly every round or strive for bigger multipliers.


Just like blockchain Dice, Crash originated from blockchain casinos. In Crash, you also manage the risks by deciding whether to exit the game with a small amount or wait for a bigger payout, despite the possibility of losing it all.


Plinko completes the list of simple yet highly entertaining instant win games. In Plinko, your task is to roll the ball into one of the outermost holes – those with the highest multipliers. It’s up to the player how many holes to place on the playing field. The more holes there, the higher the risk.

Blockchain Casinos vs Traditional Alternatives

Blockchain casinos are superior to traditional alternatives in many ways. But are they really so great?

Like everything new and unfamiliar, blockchain casinos usually raise doubts among players. Many think that playing in a blockchain casino is too difficult or dangerous. Actually, it is not. 

If you know how to make a deposit into a traditional online casino, you can easily deal with a blockchain casino. Modern-day blockchain casinos and crypto exchanges closely resemble traditional online services in terms of user interaction. At the same time, they possess numerous advantages that make them worth trying.

Another issue with blockchain casinos is their trustworthiness. Unfortunately, as with traditional online casinos, there are some unsafe operators among them. This matter is especially relevant given the lax regulation of the blockchain industry. Therefore, it is imperative to pick only reliable and time-tested blockchain casinos.

Blockchain Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is blockchain gambling legal?

The lack of regulation is both a negative and a positive feature of blockchain gambling. Since the authorities in most countries have yet to regulate this area, you can safely play in blockchain casinos without risking non-compliance or facing other restrictions.

Q: Are blockchain casinos safe?

Blockchain casinos are just as safe as their traditional counterparts. In other words, you need to be careful when choosing any casino, whether it is based on the blockchain or not. Remember that the risks of fraud always exist. Fortunately, reviews and feedback from other players are abundant on the Internet, helping you select a reliable place to play.

Q: What is the best blockchain casino?

More and more gambling operators start to realize the benefits of the blockchain for them and their customers. As a result, the number of first-class blockchain casinos is growing every year. That’s why it is no longer possible to single out one of them as the best. You are welcome to pick one of the verified blockchain casinos from our list or opt for another operator that you consider reliable.

Q: How much does it cost to send a blockchain transaction?

The cost of sending a transaction depends on the chosen blockchain and the current network load. For some blockchains, it can be literally a fraction of a cent. In the worst-case scenario, it goes up to several dollars. Typically, you can view the cost of sending a transaction on the exchange or in the wallet where you store your crypto.