Cash or Crash

Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by LTC Casino Editorial

Playing live games may require a bit of learning, but the experience can become very profitable and fun. Before playing it is important to prepare yourself and study how the game works in order to increase your chances of winning, whether the game is an online slot machine, a classic table game, or any other casino game.

The Cash or Crash live casino game is a live casino show game, developed by Evolution Gaming, which takes place on a flying blimp. The game goal is to climb a 20-step ladder as high as possible, chasing a maximum win of 18,000x your bet in the main game, and up to 50,000x your bet in the bonus round. The outcome of the game is decided by two factors, each with three variables. The first is the colour of the ball draw, which can be either red, green or yellow. The second is the action you choose at each step. These are: “continue”, “take half” or “take all”.

Cash or Crash casino game stands out not only for its simplicity, as it is extremely easy to understand and play, but also for the fun and excitement it provides to players while they are waiting for the balls to be drawn.


How to play Cash or Crash

The game goal is to climb as high as possible up the 20-level pay table, by placing a bet and deciding what to do after each successful climb.

In the centre of the blimp is a cage with 24 balls in three different colours waiting to be drawn. Each colour has its own characteristics that affect the round played.

  • There are 19 green balls in the cage. When one of them is drawn you get three options (continue, take half and continue, or take all).
  • When the only yellow ball in the cage is drawn, you can use it as a shield to protect yourself from falling if a red ball is drawn later, and it can also increase your ladder payouts.
  • When one, of the 8 red balls, is drawn, you fall, lose any bets and winnings not yet collected and the game ends.


RTP and Volatility

Cash or Crash boasts an unbeatable RTP of 99.59%, as well as a high volatility that you should be cautious of.