Craps Bankroll Management

Casino games are fun and there is always a chance of winning a good prize, however there is always a risk of losing your money since all casino games have a built-in house edge which gives players a disadvantage.

Therefore, proper management over your bankroll can greatly increase your chances of ending your gambling session with a profit. Good bankroll management should always be considered regardless of the type of casino game you play. With the high pace of craps games, players can win or lose money very quickly, which makes good bankroll management by the player crucial.

Managing your bankroll correctly when playing craps is not a guarantee that you will win big money, however, it is the way to go if you want to make some profit from your gambling session as well as avoid big losses.

The way in which a player approaches the game, the types of bets he makes, and the strategy he follows in the course of a gaming session also influence the profits he can make and thus also contribute to bankroll management. It is safe to say that managing a player’s bankroll while playing requires the application of a broad approach.

Before the player starts the gaming session at an online casino he should first decide how much his bankroll is going to be. The final decision should be based on how much money he feels comfortable losing at the end of the game as, especially with craps, there is always a certain possibility of losing everything.

Once a sum has been assigned which the player can comfortably spend on gambling, the player should consider the hourly gambling rate and the value of their betting units, both of which should correlate to the total value of the bankroll. To determine the hourly rate of play, players should simply divide their total bankroll by the number of hours they intend to spend playing.

For example, if a player has a bankroll of €100 and plans to play craps for four hours, they can spend €25 per hour. Based on this amount, you can determine the value of your betting units.

The betting units are not only dependent on the total value of the bankroll, but also on the number of bets that can be placed on the craps table in one hour. For this calculation, the minimum stake set by the casino must also be considered. Therefore, if the player places 25 bets per hour, each bet must be €1 (if this amount is equal, or higher, than the minimum stake set by the casino), which corresponds to 1% of their total bankroll.

This is ideal, as craps players are advised to limit themselves to betting the equivalent of 1% of their total gambling budget.