Crazy Time: Probabilities and Strategy

Odds and RTP (return to player)

Crazy Time can be a low volatility game if players spread their bets by putting money on a combination of chances rather than betting everything on just one. Using this strategy there is no great risk involved and the player can expect a high number of small wins throughout their game.

If the player feels lucky and wants to bet on just one or two chances, then the volatility will increase significantly.

RTP: 96.08%

  • Number 1 (21 segments) pays 1 to 1 (RTP: 96,08%)
  • Number 2 (13 segments) pays 2 to 1 (RTP: 95.95%)
  • Number 5 (7 segments) pays 5 to 1 (RTP: 95,78%)
  • Number 10 (4 segments) pays 10 to 1 (RTP: 95,73%)

For each of the bonus rounds RTP will be:

  • Coin Flip: 95,70%
  • Cash Hunt: 95,27
  • Crazy Time: 94.41
  • Pachinko: 94,33



Betting Strategy

Finding the best betting strategy to play Crazy Time with crypto will maximize your chances of making a profit. The key to achieving this is by triggering one of the four bonus rounds, as these are basically where the big chance of winning money in the game lies.

On average you will be awarded a bonus on the wheel every 6 spins, which gives you some indication and insight on how to structure your game strategy. Of course this average doesn’t mean that every 6 spins a bonus round is awarded, but you can set a strategy with this statistic in mind.