Crazy Time: Related Games

Dream Catcher features a vertically assembled wheel containing 54 colored segments. 52 of these segments contain different numbers, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. There are also two multiplier segments on the wheel: x2 and x7. Players bet on the number on which they expect the wheel to stop, and if it does, it’s a guaranteed prize!

The Lightning Roulette game is all about predicting the number on which the ball will land. With between one and five rounds per game, in each round the lightning numbers are randomly hit by lightning which allows players to win from 50x to 500x the value of the initial bet.

In Live Monopoly, a game very similar to Bitcoin Crazy Time, there are two distinct levels: the Money Wheel game and the 3D Bonus round. This offers plenty of action and excitement for players. And, reaching the Bonus Round gives players the chance to win huge prizes.

In Bitcoin Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game, an innovative game, available exclusively on Evolution, which is the first game to offer virtual reality mode, the player joins Gonzo and the game’s host in a search for hidden treasure in the stunning setting of an ancient Inca world. The main feature of the game is a giant wall of 70 stones, and this is where you will search for prizes. You’ll search for hidden treasures by selecting stones on the wall with very significant wins on each one.

Live Deal or No Deal is a unique game that allows an unlimited number of online players to play for a cash prize. The goal of the game is simple: to predict whether the amount of money in the briefcases will be greater than the banker’s offer.

First, players spin a three-reel bank vault through the RNG (random number generator) based qualifying round, each round sets the amount of money in the briefcase with the highest prize at 75x – 500x. Once qualified, the player enters a prize reload round in which random multipliers between 5x – 50x increase the prize money in one or more of the 16 folders of their choice. At the end of each round, once three or four folders have been revealed, the Banker will offer prize money to the player, who must then choose: Deal or No Deal.

Lightning Dice is a very simple and fun game. Three dice are rolled on the transparent Lightning Tower by the game’s host. The close-ups of the camera allow players to follow the dice as they fall through the maze-like sections of the tower. Players simply bet on the total of the three dice when they reach the base of the tower.