Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a Bitcoin live casino game show developed by Evolution and released in June 2020.

The game features several bonus game modes, while the maximum payout per spin can go up to x20.000 or €500.000.

Return to Player (RTP): 96.08%

Crazy Time supports the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP.


The player can place bets both on sectors of the wheel and on bonus games.



Main Game Mode

The game wheel has 54 sectors, including:

1. Number 1.
Number of sectors: 21.
Payout: 1 to 1.
Drop chance: 37.01%.

2. Number 2.
Number of sectors: 13.
Payout: 2 to 1.
Drop chance: 25.91%.

3. Number 5.
Number of sectors: 7.
Payout: 5 to 1.
Drop chance: 13%.

4. Number 10.
Number of sectors: 4.
Payout: 10 to 1.
Drop chance: 7.4%.

5. Coin Flip Bonus Game.
Number of sectors: 4.
Drop chance: 7.4%.

6. Cash Hunt Bonus Game.
Number of sectors: 2.
Drop chance: 3.7%.

7. Pachinko Bonus Game.
Number of sectors: 2.
Drop chance: 3.7%.

8. Crazy Time Bonus Game.
Number of sectors: 1.
Drop chance: 1.85%.

Multiplier Sector

An additional scale is activated with every spin of the wheel in the upper part of the game screen (above the wheel).

The scale indicates a sector of the wheel and then a multiplier.
For this feature to be activated, the wheel sector and the multiplier must match on the centerline.
If the sector matches the multiplier, the multiplier will be applied to the corresponding function.

The maximum multiplier: x50.



Coin Flip Bonus Game

In this bonus game, a multiplier is selected first. It has two colors – red and blue.
Then a coin is tossed, which indicates the winning color.

Rescue Drop.

This bonus game allows re-throwing if the resulting multiplier is too low.

The maximum possible multiplier: x100 without an additional multiplier and x5000 with an additional multiplier of x50.



Cash Hunt Bonus Game

This bonus game is a shooting gallery featuring a 9×12 gameboard (108 sectors in total).

The player can make one shot to win a multiplier of up to x100.

The shot can be fired both automatically and manually at the player’s discretion.

The maximum possible multiplier: x5000 with an additional multiplier of x50.



Pachinko Bonus Game

This bonus game features a Japanese game of the same name.

The playing board has 16 sectors. Each sector gets assigned with a random multiplier and a double feature.
After that, the puck begins moving along the playing board, starting from zones 4-12.

If the puck hits the Double sector, all sector multipliers are doubled.

Rescue Drop.

If the puck hits a low multiplier (x2, x3, or x4), a Rescue Drop may be triggered, but it isn’t guaranteed.

The maximum possible multiplier with several doubling features: x10000.



Crazy Time Bonus Game

This is the rarest bonus game as it is assigned to one sector of the wheel only.

There is no need to be upset, though, as this bonus game has great potential and frequently meets the expectations!

Crazy Time is a 64-segment wheel.
The wheel segments are assigned with multipliers, as well as with Double and Triple features.

At the very beginning, the player chooses one of three flappers – green, blue, or yellow.

The prize depends on the direction of the flapper.

If Double and Triple features are triggered, all wheel multipliers will be doubled or tripled, respectively.
Only those players who guessed the color of the flapper pointing to the feature correctly join the additional round with doubling or tripling.

The maximum possible multiplier with multiple doubling and/or tripling features: x20000.


Play Crazy Time with Bitcoin