Blackjack Live – Classic, Speed, Pontoon and Vip

The best Bitcoin Live casinos offer multiple variants of live blackjack in order to satisfy the preferences of players at the platform. The rules of the game are similar. So, you will have an amazing live blackjack experience when you play any of these variants.



  • Classic Blackjack Table Game

Classic blackjack is a table game with 8 decks of 52 cards. The game has simple rules that you must follow in order to win big. The first thing to note is that all eight decks must be shuffled before being dealt. Also, the dealer will be given a hole card (face down) and check for blackjack. Dealers must stop on a 17 with ace (soft 17 – a hand that contains an ace, totaling 7 or 17). If the player gets a blackjack during the first round, the Bitcoin blackjack casino will pay out with 3:2 odds.

NOTE: there is a minimum bet that applies at Classic blackjack tables, however more betting options will be available to you as the game progresses.


  • Speed Blackjack

If you want to play some quick Blackjack at a seven-player seat table, then Speed Blackjack is the game for you. As the name suggests in Speed Blackjack live, the cards are dealt quickly. Therefore the fastest player will be dealt first. This leads to a reduction in the waiting time as the slowest player will be the last to be dealt. The rules that apply with Speed Blackjack are the same as with Classic Live Blackjack. The only difference is how quickly the first player deals his cards.


  • Pontoon

Pontoon, also very popular in Bitcoin casinos, is very similar to blackjack. As in blackjack, it is the stronger hand that gives the name to the game (a 10-value card and an ace). What makes Pontoon different is the player has to keep asking for cards until they have a point total of 15 or more, and the dealer wins all draws when they hit soft 17.

In Pontoon, the player does not have access to the dealer’s hand, so the strategy is a little simpler than in blackjack, as you only have to try to build the best possible position, without thinking about your opponent’s game. The house edge is generally lower in Pontoon.


  • Blackjack VIP

There is not much of a difference between VIP Blackjack and regular Live Blackjack. However, the amount you can bet per hand in VIP Blackjack is relatively higher. You can bet up to 5,000 per hand. Also, as the name suggests, you will receive VIP treatment when you play at one of these tables in the live casino