Disadvantages of using Ethereum

Although Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that has quite a few benefits in its use, it also has some downsides. These are:

Lack of regulation

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and so there is no entity that regulates it. This is the nature of cryptocurrencies which, due to their decentralised operation, no one can control. Ethereum operates without the jurisdiction of central banks, government, or any other regulatory bodies or institutions, and while it can provide privacy to players, it can also be used for illegal activities.

No chargebacks

Another problem with there being no central authority over Ethereum is that problems can occur during chargebacks. When using fiat currency, online casinos only have to contact the respective bank from which the transaction was made and the issue is raised. After completion of the necessary verification processes, you can get it reversed in your bank account. But cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have no such authority, to be contacted for the purpose of chargebacks.

Price volatility
Price volatility is always high in cryptocurrencies. The value of Ethereum today can vary significantly within a few days. As such, it is difficult to predict the value of this currency. When using Ethereum at an online casino, you should bear in mind that the value of your winnings can drop radically (or rise), depending on when you withdraw your money.