Since 2013, ELK has passionately pushed boundaries in the online casino industry in order to entertain and to maximize the gaming experience for players. Today, they have earned the privilege of supplying their mobile-first content through hundreds of licensed operators and partners around the world.

With a focus on quality over quantity, they combine groundbreaking mathematics with astonishing artwork, in order to deliver high-quality products.

Concept is key
They constantly come up with game ideas waiting to be transformed into concepts. Their experience is that the best game concepts have a strong game model and an inspiring theme that fits well together.

Beautiful artwork
They love crisp art. From defined sound, flowing animations and astonishing graphics, their in-house studio leaves no room for taking shortcuts to deliver a high-end final product

Strong math model
The maths model is really where the game is defined. They work with statistical modeling, cloud-based computing, and big data to develop, refine, and verify their products.

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