How to Win at Extra Chilli Epic Spins – Best Strategies for Extra Chilli Live

Extra Chilli Epic Spins is an exhilarating live game show from Evolution that offers a unique shared gaming experience, known as ‘slots with friends’. At its core, Extra Chilli Epic Spins is a revamp of the highly popular Extra Chilli slot game from Big Time Gaming. Extra Chilli Epic Spins stands out from the original due to a live host and some added features. The key difference is that all players participate in the same game round and are granted the opportunity to take five spins per round, rather than just one.

How to Play Extra Chilli Epic Spins

Extra Chilli Epic Spins is straightforward in terms of player interaction. To participate in the game, all you need to do is select your desired bet size and confirm it by pressing a corresponding button. After that, you just watch the gameplay on the screen and collect your winnings.

Just like in the original slot, the gameplay in Extra Chilli Epic Spins is divided into two stages: the base game and free spins.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Gameplay

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Gameplay

Base Game

In the base game mode, players will encounter a slot machine with six central vertical reels and an additional row of four symbols located at the bottom. This additional row may include Wild symbols that can replace any other symbol, thereby increasing your chances of creating winning combinations. To win, players must collect at least three matching symbols from left to right or a minimum of two purple chillis (which are the highest-value symbols) on consecutive reels, regardless of their positions. And of course, Extra Chilli Epic Spins also employs the Megaways mechanics, enabling the number of positions on each reel to change dynamically, potentially resulting in tens of thousands of paylines.

9, 10, J, Q, K, and A are the lower-paying symbols. They will reward players with a payout ranging between 0.4x to 0.5x the initial bet for a 6-of-a-kind win. On the other hand, the higher-paying symbols include green, blue, red, and purple chillies with payouts up to 10x for a full line. Do not forget that each symbol may appear in more than one instance per reel, which can produce significantly increased payouts.

Increased payouts can also be achieved with the help of multipliers that appear from crates and accumulate throughout the round. These multipliers range between 1x and 5x. Randomly, players may be awarded a piñata, which is an enhanced version of the crate and can contain multipliers from 10x to 20x.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Crate Feature

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Crate Feature

Free Spins

In addition to multipliers, the crates may contain the letters H, O, and T. Collecting the word “HOT” will activate the free spins mode. The piñata may contain all three letters at once and thus immediately trigger free spins.

At the start, the player receives eight free spins that can be retriggered using the same method. Free spins also include crates and piñatas, while multipliers continue to accumulate, just like in the base game.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Bonus Game

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Bonus Game

Once the first stage of free spins is over, you will enter the gamble wheels round. It comprises two colored wheels. If the wheel stops on the color you selected, you’ll receive two additional free spins. If you correctly guess the colors in both rounds, you can earn a total of 4 additional free spins.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Gamble Wheel

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Gamble Wheel

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Strategies

While Extra Chilli Epic Spins contains elements of a game show, in its essence, it is still a slot machine. Therefore, strategies for slot games can be successfully applied to Extra Chilli Epic Spins. Keep in mind that some slot strategies will work better than others depending on whether you’re playing at an Ethereum casino or a traditional online casino.

In Extra Chilli Epic Spins, there is only one action that determines your results. It is the selection of the bet size. Once the bet is placed, all you have to do is watch the gameplay and hope for your luck. That’s why all strategic decisions should be made before placing a bet.

Flat Betting

The idea behind flat betting is to place the same bet amount on each round, regardless of the outcome. This method is widespread among slot players and can also be used as an Extra Chilli Epic Spins strategy. It is considered a conservative betting strategy that can help players manage their bankroll and stay in the game for longer periods of time.

It is important to note that in Extra Chilli Epic Spins, a single bet buys you five spins. Therefore, players should adjust their betting amount accordingly. For instance, if you typically wager $1 per spin in a slot game with a $100 bankroll, it is reasonable to bet $5 in Extra Chilli Epic Spins. This is also consistent with the slower gameplay of the game show.

Optimized Strategy

The following Extra Chilli Epic Spins strategies require you to choose a base bet size and change it in line with your results.

Following the optimizer strategy, you adjust the betting level based on a selected percentage of your initial bet. It is recommended that casual players choose 1%, while high rollers may choose 5% or 10%.

For example, you place a $5 bet and lose. If you have selected a 5% increment, your next bet should be $5.25. If you lose again, then you should bet $5.50, and so on. It is another conservative strategy that helps avoid raising bets too fast.

Step-by-Step Strategy

This betting strategy involves increasing the bet by one unit after a single losing round. For example, you bet $1 and lose. In the next round, you bet $2, then $3, and so on. While this strategy is riskier, it’s also fairly safe as long as you don’t choose an initial bet that’s too high.

Multi-Level Strategy

This betting strategy involves increasing the bet by two units after experiencing five consecutive losing rounds in a row.

Suppose you place a $5 bet and lose five times. Following this betting strategy, you would increase your bet to $15. If you continue to lose, bet $25. Once you are fortunate enough to recoup your losses, you should revert to your original bet.

This Extra Chilli Epic Spins strategy is considered high-risk, as the betting amounts can rapidly escalate. Therefore, it is advisable to select a small initial bet.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins General Tips

Apart from the Extra Chilli Epic Spins strategies, there are some general guidelines that will be useful regardless of the selected approach.

  • Manage your bankroll. Set a budget for your gaming session and stick to it. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.
  • Watch the game. While Extra Chilli Epic Spins is not available in the free-play mode, you can still observe the gameplay. Watch the game to get a better idea of what winnings to expect and what losing streaks you should be prepared for.
  • Don’t be afraid during the gamble round. In the original Extra Chilli slot, you could lose some or all of your free spins during the gamble round. In Extra Chilli Epic Spins, the gamble round is included in the gameplay by default, and all winnings obtained by that point will stay with you even if you choose the wrong color. So just pick a color that you think will win and hope for your luck.
  • Know when to quit. It’s important to know when to walk away. If you’ve hit your budget or have been playing for a long time, take a break and come back another day.
  • Don’t get too emotional. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a winning streak or the frustration of a losing one. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and stay focused on playing smart and responsibly.

Where Can I Play Extra Chilli Epic Spins and Win?

Extra Chilli Epic Spins can be found at many Bitcoin live casinos powered by Evolution, even if they do not offer the original slot. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when selecting a casino to play at, as the speed of payouts and overall gaming experience can vary significantly between different casinos.

LTC Casino provides an excellent environment to play Extra Chilli Epic Spins and other games. With us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

With an RTP of 96.74%, Extra Chilli Epic Spins makes an excellent choice for slot enthusiasts and live game show fans alike, including those who prefer to play with a strategic approach.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins Strategies FAQ

What is the maximum payout at Extra Chilli Epic Spins?
There is no set maximum limit for winnings at Extra Chilli Epic Spins. Therefore, any amount you win will be yours.

Is Extra Chilli Epic Spins better than the regular slot?
Deciding between Extra Chilli Epic Spins and the regular slot depends on the player’s individual preferences. If a player seeks quicker gameplay, the classic Extra Chilli slot may be a better option, while those who enjoy game shows might prefer Extra Chilli Epic Spins.

How is Extra Chilli Epic Spins different from the original slot?
Extra Chilli Epic Spins differs from the original slot in several ways. The key difference is the presence of a live host. Additionally, the base game mode of Extra Chilli Epic Spins includes extra multipliers. The mechanism for winning the bonus game and extra free spins has also been reworked.

How can I win at Extra Chilli Epic Spins?
All you have to do is place a bet and watch the game, hoping for good fortune. To improve your odds, try out our Extra Chilli Epic Spins strategies.

Can I play Extra Chilli Epic Spins for free?
Extra Chilli Epic Spins is not available in demo mode, unlike the original slot. Nevertheless, you can view the gameplay by registering and running the game at LTC Casino or other Bitcoin Live casinos.