How to Play Live Blackjack

Bitcoin Live Blackjack in an online casino includes an actual blackjack table, decks of cards, and a live dealer. So, there isn’t much difference between the online version and the land-based version. In general, online live Blackjack is a game that you play against the casino dealer. However, there may be up to seven other players in one session.

In online live Blackjack, the main aim is to get a better hand without going over 21. So, the best hand is when you get the first two hands dealt-value 21. In most Bitcoin live Blackjack casinos, you will find eight standard 52 deck cards. Card numbers 2-10 are usually their face value. But the ace cards have a value of 1 or 11, while face cards are worth 10.

So, after making your deposit at an online casino you can start playing live blackjack:

  • The gambler places a bet on who will win.
  • The dealer will then deal a single card faced up.
  • He will then start dealing from his left.
  • The dealer will deal another card face down, and then face up to the players.
  • The value of the player’s card will then be shown on the screen. If the total value of the hand is 21, then the player has obtained a blackjack, i.e. a win.
  • If the dealer does not have 21, another card can be dealt.
  • If the player initially has two cards of the same value, he can split the cards and have two different hands. It should be noted that when splitting the cards, each one will have its own bet equal to the previous one.
  • After each player has made their move, the dealer will turn over their card that was face down. If the dealer’s hand value is greater than 21, or the player’s hand value is closer to 21, the player wins the bet. But if a ‘Push’ occurs (gambler and dealer have equal value), the player will receive their initial wager back.