Lightning Dice Strategy

Lightning Dice is a game show developed by Evolution Gaming. The game goal is quite simple: to guess the sum of the result achieved after the roll of 3 dice. There is also the possibility of a Lightning multiplier being added to some numbers.

It is an extremely easy game to understand. You don’t need much observation time to start playing and having fun.

Although Lightning Dice is a game of luck, just like any casino game, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t strategies you can use in order to increase your advantage in the game. By using a strategy you will boost your bankroll and stand a chance of winning big, maybe even getting a 1000x multiplier.

Some strategies you can apply when playing Bitcoin Lightning Dice are:

Like any game of chance, there are some maths and statistics based tricks that can be applied. Mathematics and the odds of winning in casino games are a reference point when applying any strategy.

  • Bet on the most likely outcomes

Some sums are more likely to appear than others as there are various combinations that can form those numbers. Betting on them is a good way to ensure regular wins using a low-risk strategy. Since these numbers are the most likely to come up, they do not pay the most. These numbers are: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

  • Always bet on numbers 3 and 18

The sums 3 and 18 are the rarest but most rewarding outcomes. So it makes perfect sense to place a bet on these two numbers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big bet as this has a return of 150x your initial bet. It could be even more if it is hit by the Lightning multiplier before the roll of the dice.

  • The high risk reward

Some players don’t like to play it safe and prefer to take risks. Following this line of thought you should bet on the numbers that offer the biggest payouts. These are 3, 4, 17 and 18.

  • Bet On All

Among the betting options there is the Bet on All option that gives you the chance to bet on all numbers. We advise you to never use it as you would face a mathematically very likely loss.

So, we can say that the trick to winning in Lightning Dice is to rely on the odds and opt for some small wins before trying to hit the numbers that guarantee the biggest prizes.

Play Lightning Dice with Bitcoin