Lightning Roulette Secret Strategy

Lightning Roulette is a Bitcoin live casino game by Evolution available at Bitcoin roulette casinos.

You can play Lightning Roulette with the following cryptocurrencies: BTCETHLTCXRP.

Return to Player (RTP): 97.3%

Maximum payout: x500 of the bet


Lightning Roulette Betting Strategy

As with any other casino game, there are several betting strategies for roulette — one of the world’s best known (and beloved) table games. A betting strategy is essentially a method or a betting scheme you can follow that will either guide you directly or help you decide where and how to bet.

A good deal of different roulette betting strategies are about recovering losses rather than playing the actual game. One example would be a progressive betting system. For example, if you place a bet on something like red/black, odd/even, or 1-18/19-36 and lose, in the next round, you double your bet to compensate for the loss, and so on. There are other, more sophisticated strategies targeted at the recovery of losses!

On the other hand, several strategies are designed to help roulette players maximize their winnings. These strategies aim to cover as much of the wheel as possible, so the player using this strategy has the maximum chance of getting a payout in each round. Basically, bets cover as many numbers as possible to minimize the number of “gaps” (in terms of the positions on the wheel) where the ball can land. These include the “Double Street Strategy” and the “Five Squares Strategy”.

How to Get 500x Multiplier in Lightning Roulette

If you want lightning big wins, make sure that you only place straight bets. This includes zero, as lightning can even strike there! It’s also important to remember that while lightning strikes every round, not every round the ball actually lands on the chosen number! Every so often it can take 20 or 30 rounds before the lightning number comes up, and the multiplier can be won. In other cases, it happens in a row.

In the Lightning Roulette, you can see the winning numbers of the previous twelve rounds above the track. You can also open the statistics window to look even further. On both these screens, lightning numbers are clearly labeled. However, it is useless to look back because the past does not indicate the future! Each outcome is completely random, which makes the game fair, unpredictable, and immune to intervention. Be like the game and don’t let anything influence you — certainly not the past stats!

To make sure that you hit big multipliers, bet on every number or every other number (not forgetting zero) by placing a straight bet. Betting on every number using a straight bet ensures that you win all possible multipliers, but not necessarily that you end up winning overall. The odds for the straight bets are 29:1, and you will be losing a little in most rounds, so the only way to come out on top with this strategy is to win the multiplier quickly! You will never want lightning to strike as close as you are when playing this game!

Best Lightning Roulette Casinos — Where to Play Lightning Roulette?

If you feel like you have your own strategy for Lightning Roulette, why not head to a real casino and play for real money?

We’ve found the best casinos you can play for real at:

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