Live Blackjack Rules

As a blackjack player at Bitcoin Live casinos, you have plenty of opportunities to increase your chances of winning. Therefore, we have reviewed some of the basic rules, features and hands you will encounter when playing at live online casinos:

  • Bet Behind – This type of blackjack betting allows you to bet on other players’ hands while waiting to get a seat at the casino table.
  • Double Any 2 – this type of live dealer blackjack rule gives you more freedom of choice as you can double down if you have two cards.
  • Double 9-11 – this rule, allows you to double when you have the numbers 9, 10, or 11. Thus your bet is doubled, and you can only receive one extra card.
  • Side Bets– this is one of the best opportunities available when playing live online blackjack. These are bets placed on specific outcomes, and are associated with huge prizes.
  • Hit Split Aces – as the name suggests, this live blackjack rule usually means that you will be dealt an extra card when you split two aces.
  • Split – you may split if you are dealt two of the same cards.
  • Surrender – In keeping with its name, this blackjack rule allows you to surrender your hand before it is your turn to play. This means you will get half of your bet back.
  • 10 Card Charlie – is the rarest combination in blackjack. It occurs when you are dealt a hand that contains ten cards without going over 21.