Optimal Live Casino Holdem Strategy to Win More

Live Casino Holdem is a game played against a casino and based on the rules of the classic Texas Holdem poker. Casino Holdem will appeal to both poker lovers and those who prefer games with a low house edge. However, to improve your odds, you need to follow the Live Casino Holdem strategy.



Basic Tips for Live Casino Holdem

A good player should learn basic tips before starting any game, and Live Casino Holdem is no exception in this regard.

When to Call and Fold

When playing Live Bitcoin Poker, you initially place an ante bet to get the cards. Then, after analyzing them, you decide whether to continue the game (call) or exit (fold). The call bet exceeds the ante bet two times and is required to continue the game, so knowing when to call and fold is essential.

The Live Casino Holdem strategy follows the same principles as regular Texas Holdem poker:

  • As a general rule, you will call if you have a pair (a pocket one or with a flop card), two high cards relative to the flop, an Ace, a King, and if you are missing one card to a straight or a flush.
  • On the other side, if you don’t have any flop matches and your high card is lower than 10, it’s better to fold.

These simple principles will allow you to play Live Casino Holdem with the highest possible RTP.

Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to get the most out of the game:

  1. Allocate a bankroll you can afford to lose and bet accordingly.
  2. If you lose the allotted amount, do not try to regain it.
  3. Decide in advance on the satisfying payout and leave the game once you reach it.

Furthermore, don’t bet on the ante too much. Do not forget that you will have to bet twice as much to continue the game. A good player at Casino Holdem plays 4 hands out of 5, so calculate in advance how much your final bet will be and work from it.

Betting on Bonus

By using the bonus bet, you can significantly increase the payout for some combinations. For example, a pair of Aces will get you 7:1 with a bonus bet, whereas, in a regular game, it pays only 1:1.

However, as with most other table games, this side bet is less profitable for the player than the main bet. The house edge for the bonus bet is about 6.4%. Accordingly, it is better not to bet on the bonus if you want to avoid increasing the chances of the casino.


What is the Basic Casino Holdem Strategy

By using the optimal strategy for Casino Holdem, you can reduce the house edge to 2.16%, which makes this game one of the most profitable for the player. Still, you will be playing 82% of all hands, so you will not be bored either.

Below are the most mathematically correct decisions in the Live Casino Holdem strategy:

  • Call on any pair;
  • Call if you have an Ace or a King;
  • Call if you have a Queen, and it matches the flop in suits;
  • Call on any open-ended straight draw;
  • Call on any flush draw;
  • Fold in all other cases.

If you follow this basic strategy, you may expect a return to player (RTP) of about 98%. However, when playing without a strategy and with bonus bets, RTP drops closer to 90%.


Where Can I Try Casino Holdem Strategy and Win?

Casino Holdem is a wildly popular game with the rules as close as possible to the classic Texas Holdem. Thus, you will hardly find a gambling site that does not feature Casino Holdem.

LTC Casino is a perfect choice for playing Casino Holdem with a strategy. The casino supports one of the best variations of Casino Holdem by Evolution Gaming and other poker games from the same provider. When playing at LTC Casino, you can easily withdraw your winnings without going through verification. The casino also features other Live games, including Blackjack and Baccarat. Try these games with other profitable strategies presented on our website. We also accept other cryptocurrencies, allowing you to play Ethereum live poker, for instance.



What versions of Casino Holdem are there?

Over the years, many casino game providers have released their own versions of Casino Holdem. The most interesting of these is Casino Holdem by Evolution Gaming. The company is known for the games of the highest quality, and in this case, they did not disappoint either. In second place in terms of popularity comes Playtech’s Casino Holdem. You will also find other versions from many different manufacturers, with and without a live dealer, including Play’n GO, NetEnt, and BetConstruct. If you enjoy Live Casino Holdem, you may also like crypto video poker games.

Should you use a poker calculator?

A poker calculator is a piece of software that helps to determine the best solution for a specific situation. Using a poker calculator, you enter two hole cards and three community cards. The calculator is based on the same principles as the strategy described above. Therefore, it may help you if you are just starting out. However, for more experienced players, it is better to study the Live Casino Holdem strategy once for all.

Is it worth playing Live Casino Holdem?

If you want to play that classic Texas Holdem against a casino, the answer is definitely yes. Live Casino Holdem is an excellent game where various scenarios and big wins are possible, while the house edge is kept to a minimum. More importantly, Live Casino Holdem is perfect for those looking for a strategy game, as some hands may be challenging to play.