Play Lightning Roulette Live

Lightning Roulette is a game developed by Evolution Gaming and is unlike any other Roulette game. It uses all the best elements of popular European Roulette and combines them with something extraordinary.

This extraordinary addition is the Lightning Number RNG (random number generator) multipliers. These range from one to five Lightning Numbers which can increase winnings by between 5x up to 500x. Lightning Roulette is a unique experience not to be missed.

How to Play Lightning Roulette Live
When you select the Bitcoin Lightning Roulette game, you will be transported directly to Evolution Gaming’s live studio, where a host presents the game.

To begin playing you need to choose your chip values. There are a variety of values to choose from, all you need to do is decide how much you want to spend on the game.

After the roulette wheel starts spinning it’s time for the bets to be placed. In Lightning Roulette it is possible to place all of the normal roulette bets. However, only straight up bets (i.e. bets on a single number) can be selected to become a lightning number. If you place a straight bet and your number becomes a lightning number, you can win up to 500x the value of your bet.

Each spin 5 lightning numbers are determined and each one receives a multiplier of 5x up to 500x.

When the ball on the roulette wheel stops, the players who match the bets are paid out. After all winners are paid out, a new spin begins.

Lightning Roulette is streamed live from Evolution Gaming’s studio in Riga, Latvia. This is considered to be Evolution Gaming’s most impressively produced game to date.

The user interface has been created to generate maximum excitement in the player: it features a very visually appealing black and gold Art Deco style that complements the game perfectly.

Lightning Roulette has all the standard roulette elements as well as some additional ones. It has a bespoke wheel, an extremely entertaining and knowledgeable dealer and the full range of roulette bets.

You can easily access the game via a mobile device or a desktop computer. Furthermore, Lightning Roulette can be played by a virtually unlimited number of players simultaneously.

Lightning Roulette is so popular for the way it mixes excitement and high prizes. Lightning numbers can lead to a payout of up to 500:1 through a straight bet.

Even if the player doesn’t hit the lightning number, they can still win a nice prize in a straight up bet, as unmultiplied bets can reach a payout of up to 30:1.

All lightning numbers are randomly generated using top RNG technology, which ensures the fairness and uniformity of the game.

Finally, bets on red or black, even or odd, among all the others in roulette are also options for roulette enthusiasts playing Lightning Roulette. These bets pay out like any other European roulette game, and thus, the player is never at a disadvantage when choosing to play Lightning Roulette versus another roulette game.