Play Mega Ball 100x with Live Dealer

Live Mega Ball 100x is an online casino game developed by Evolution Gaming with a 95.5% return to player (RTP).

Played on a card, Bitcoin Mega Ball is a combination of Lottery and Bingo. The amount of prize you can win depends on the value of the card. If you make 1 line on the card, you will be paid out the value of your stake 1x.

This is a game with incredible winning potential, allowing you to win up to x10,000 without ever reaching the final Mega Ball. The final ball of the game comes with a multiplier that can increase your win by up to 100x. Put the two together and you have a game that can pay out up to 1,000,000x your stake!


How to play Live 100x Mega Ball

The first step to play Mega Ball 100x is to choose the amount of cards you want to play with, by clicking on the desired option, and their value. To play you need to use at least one card, and you can use up to 200 cards per round.

And this is when the game itself starts: 51 balls are released into a machine, which draws 20 balls at once. If a ball drawn matches a number on your card, that number is filled in, and with luck you fill up one, or more, lines. The more lines you fill on your card, the more money you win.

Next, the giant wheel with all the multipliers goes into spin. The minimum multiplier is 5x, the maximum 100x. The multiplier is used for the Mega Ball.

Finally, the last ball is drawn: the Mega Ball. If the Mega Ball fills one or more lines on your card, your winnings are multiplied by the multiplier, and you receive your payout, if any. And just like that, the next round is ready to start.



The goal of Mega Ball is to fill lines on cards. The more lines on your cards, the more you win. There are 24 numbers on each card, 5 horizontal lines and 5 vertical lines, which creates a card with 25 slots, the middle slot being empty.

Wins are per card. The more filled lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), the higher the win per card, ie:

  • 1 horizontal, vertical or diagonal line and you will receive 1x your bet
  • 2 lines and you win 5x your bet
  • 3 lines and you win 50x your bet
  • 4 lines and you win 250x your bet
  • 5 lines and you win 1.000 x your bet
  • 6 lines or more and you win x10.000 your bet