Steam Tower

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by LTC Casino Editorial

Steam Tower is an online video slot by NetEnt.

The slot features 5×3 reels, 15 paylines, and a bonus game mode, while the maximum payout per spin can exceed x2,000 of the bet.

Return to Player (RTP): 97.04%

Features and main game mode

  1. Winning combinations

Regardless of their value, all symbols pay from 3 of a kind.



2. Wild symbol

Wild substitutes for all other symbols and has no value of its own.

3. Types of Wilds

The slot features Wild symbols of two types:

  • Single
  • Filling the entire reel (the game protagonist)



Bonus game mode

  1. Trigger

The bonus game starts when one or more Wilds of the second type appear.

2. Number of free spins

The initial number of free spins is set at 10.

3. Accumulation of Wilds

In the bonus game mode, only single Wilds can appear.

Each Wild (or several Wilds within one spin) promotes the main character one floor higher and also increases the multiplier as follows:

  • Floors 1-3 – multiplier x2
  • Floors 4-6 – multiplier x3
  • Floors 7-9 – multiplier x4
  • Floors 10-12 – multiplier x5
  • Floors 13-15 – multiplier x6
  • Floor 16 – multiplier x7

4. Extra free spins

Each Wild (or several Wilds within one spin) awards two extra free spins.



5. Extra prize

If the player reaches the top floor, they win an additional prize for saving the bride.