Tether Gambling Guide – Best USDT Games and Casinos

Some cryptocurrencies are designed for speculation. Notably, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many other popular coins carry high volatility and fluctuate significantly.

There is also a category called stablecoins. They are specifically designed to resist volatility and therefore better suited for payments. As the name suggests, stablecoins maintain stable prices and are usually pegged to 1 USD. Being a casino player, you can use them to keep your bankroll at a steady value and avoid unwanted volatility.

Fortunately, casinos have started to realize their players’ needs and are adding stablecoin support at a rapid pace. Currently, the most widespread stablecoin in the world is Tether (USDT). You may have noticed that many trusted crypto casinos already accept it. Therefore, USDT is arguably the best alternative for Bitcoin or Litecoin when it comes to online gambling.

How to Pick the Best USDT Casinos

There are several points to consider when choosing USDT casinos. Try to find answers to the following questions before making a deposit:

  • Is this is a reputable casino?
  • How good are the bonuses?
  • What games are available with USDT?
  • Do they have customer support?
  • Are withdrawals quick enough?

Here is one of the casinos that fulfills the abovementioned criteria.

How to Start Playing with USDT

Provided you are already familiar with crypto, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to start playing with stablecoins. After all, USDT is just another token that relies on the blockchain and follows the same principles as other cryptos.


How to buy USDT with a credit card

USDT is one of the most popular options among crypto exchanges. It means that if you can buy Bitcoin somewhere, chances are you can buy USDT there too.

  • Go to a trusted exchange. Coinbase, Binance, or FTX will do;
  • Complete necessary verification steps, so you can link your credit card;
  • Top up your exchange account using traditional currency;
  • Find USDT markets to buy tokens with conventional money.

Please find our detailed guide about buying cryptos here.

How to deposit USDT into a casino

When all the preparations are done, it’s time to transfer USDT from the exchange wallet to the casino balance.

  • Go to the casino’s Cashier tab;
  • Choose USDT as your deposit option and copy the deposit address;
  • Transfer USDT from the exchange account using this address.

Make sure you use the right network. USDT is based on several blockchains, and the most popular option is the ERC-20 token that belongs to the Ethereum protocol. Some Tether casinos may also support other versions of USDT.


How to withdraw USDT from a casino

Assume that you have already hit your first major win with USDT and want to withdraw the tokens.

  • Go to the exchange website and copy the deposit address specified in your account;
  • Return to the Cashier tab at the casino and choose USDT as the withdrawal method;
  • Paste the exchange deposit address, set the withdrawal amount, and confirm the transaction.


Advantages of USDT for Casino Players

  • Stable value;
  • No volatility;
  • Protected by the blockchain network;
  • Enhanced privacy;
  • Low fees;
  • Fast transactions;
  • Factually, you see the game balance in USD, not in some obscure crypto coins with unclear exchange rates.


What Games Can I Play with USDT?

USDT is getting widespread attention outside the crypto trading realm and being added by more and more casinos and game providers. Because of that, many games, available for USD or Bitcoin, can also be played with USDT.

Here are the examples of games available for USDT:

  • Slots;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • Poker.


Verdict – Is It Worth Playing with USDT?

USDT may be not as widespread as Bitcoin yet, but it doesn’t mean one should discard it as a possible option for gambling. Indeed, USDT possesses numerous advantages compared to legacy cryptocurrencies, including volatility protection and USD-denominated balances. At the same time, it shares all the benefits of its predecessors, such as privacy, low fees, and fast transaction processing. As more and more games are becoming available with USDT, players have every reason to consider this stablecoin when choosing a casino deposit method.