The best strategy in Blackjack

Just like any other Bitcoin casino game, online blackjack has a few strategies that you can follow when playing at a casino. In live blackjack, there are different strategy charts. The most common one is the basic blackjack strategy chart or the optimal strategy.



You should, however, keep in mind that this strategy guide is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll need more than just mastering the strategy charts to increase your odds of winning at a live online casino blackjack game. You can consider the table a powerful ally when it comes to increasing your odds before the house, as it reveals the best statistical approach to the various situations before you.

The optimal strategy in blackjack generally depends on the rules established in the game you are playing. In most cases, the different strategies usually depend on one very important rule – does the dealer choose to hit (ask for another card) or stand (keep the cards you have) when you have a soft 17?

These basic blackjack strategy charts have a specific layout with red, orange, green, and yellow squares.