Volatility in Online Slot Machines

The volatility of a game simply refers to how risky it is. The volatility of slot machines is one thing you should always pay attention to.

A slot machine can be

  • high volatility – the payouts are high but less frequent; this is the highest risk slot; an ideal slot for players who enjoy risk and adrenaline.
  • medium volatility – a balance between high and low volatility.
  • low volatility – low payouts, but more frequent, ideal slot for players who enjoy a quiet game with no surprises.

Although both high and low volatility has their advantages, the choice between playing high volatility or low volatility slot is entirely up to the player and their risk preference, and the size of their bankroll.



Volatility is an important aspect of gameplay. It will influence the way in which you bet on a slot machine. It is volatility that tells us whether a slot machine will pay out many times, but with low payouts or vice versa.

Neither online casinos nor casino games software providers like to share the volatility of a game, but some do. However, players can judge the volatility of a slot for themselves with a little patience, i.e. if the slot pays out in small amounts more often over many rounds we can conclude that it is low volatility. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to play many rounds to get a relatively high payout, then the slot is highly volatile.