What is Ethereum?

Since Bitcoin first emerged in 2009, the technology and concept of cryptocurrency has evolved considerably. In 2015 Ethereum launched its cryptocurrency Ether.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum uses blockchain technology to create its decentralised platform. Ethereum’s blockchain is a public ledger that records all transactions through Ether. And while Ethereum works in a similar way to many other cryptocurrencies, the only significant advantage over Bitcoin is speed. While Bitcoin can take minutes to complete a transaction, with Ethereum, the process is considerably faster, taking around 15 seconds.

Ethereum has gained huge importance in the cryptocurrency market, becoming the second largest cryptocurrency, in terms of market value, after Bitcoin. Due to its growing popularity, many crypto casinos accept Ethereum or Ether as payment methods. Some Ethereum casinos offer you special packages just for using ETH as their preferred payment option.

The advantage of using Ethereum at an online casino, when compared to other cryptocurrencies, comes from it providing features that casino users appreciate, such as fast transactions, minimal processing fees, and providing security and anonymity to players. These features make Ethereum one of the best cryptocurrencies to use in any cryptocurrency casino.