What is the difference between Online Casino Games and Live Casino Games?

A question that may arise for many players is what is the difference between online casino games based on RNG (random number generator) algorithm and live casino games. Actually, the main difference is that there is a real dealer in live casino games with which the player can interact.

As there is a real dealer in live games, they give the player a much more realistic feeling of a land-based casino. The atmosphere is instantly different when the gambler is in front of a real human being. There is actual interaction between the player, the dealer and the other players present at the
live casino table.

The presence of the dealer in the live casino can also provide a greater sense of reliability and security to some gamblers.

Today, there are a far larger amount of RNG-based games than those available in a live casino. As live casinos have higher operating costs, the games available are traditionally the most popular ones such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker.

However, this has recently been changing and there have been exclusive live dealer games emerging that don’t have an equivalent RNG version. Evolution Gaming is at the leading edge of the game development, offering new releases such as Monopoly Live, Side Bet City among others.