Online (XRP) Ripple Casino Guide

XRP possesses unique advantages making it both an attractive means of payment in the banking sector, for which it was initially created, and a suitable deposit method for casino players. In terms of transactions, XRP outperforms most existing cryptocurrencies, enabling cheaper and faster direct money transfers, even for casino deposits.

Overall Best Ripple Casino to Play

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of XRP gambling, it’s time to pick a Ripple online casino. Although many gambling websites accept XRP, not all of them are equally good. For instance, what is the use of instant XRP transfers if the casino delays payouts?

LTC Casino strives to provide its players with a full range of XRP gambling advantages. For this reason, we:

  • Do not request verification;
  • Instantly process withdrawals;
  • Accept players from all over the world.

On top of that, LTC Casino has an extensive collection of games available for XRP wagering, including slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette.

What is XRP?

XRP is the digital currency developed by Ripple and based on top of a distributed ledger database called XRP Ledger. Previously, people used those two names interchangeably to denote the currency. Nowadays, it is more appropriate to use the name Ripple for the company and XRP for the currency itself.

The XRP Ledger processes transactions roughly every 3-5 seconds. Compare this to 10 minutes of Bitcoin, and you will see why more and more people pick XRP as a transactional currency of choice for various purposes, including casino deposits.   

Pros and Cons of Ripple Gambling

You may have heard lousy talks about XRP being too centralized. This standpoint is common among avid crypto enthusiasts, but it does not affect you in any way as a casino player. Overall, XRP is a practical solution for online gambling, but it does have its peculiarities.


  1. Fast payments and low fees. As a casino player, you will like near-instant transfers and almost non-existent fees of XRP. XRP is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies, and that makes it a perfect match for casino games. It takes only a few seconds for an XRP transaction to get confirmations that is far superior to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes block time. In addition, the fees rarely exceed several pennies or even a fraction of a penny.
  2. Low volatility. Another benefit of XRP that may not be so obvious is the protection against inevitable volatility. Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and tend to fluctuate heavily over short spans of time. However, with XRP you don’t have to worry that your deposit will shrink in value while being processed by the network.
  3. Financial privacy. Even though the XRP Ledger may be a centralized system, it is fully visible to any network participant. This feature reduces the risk of fraud to zero. At the same time, XRP is a pseudonymous cryptocurrency, which means coins are tied not to real-world entities but rather electronic addresses. The pseudonymity of XRP attracts players who value their financial privacy and don’t want to disclose their transactions to banks.
  4. Low price. The last but not the least is a rather low price of XRP. When you use Bitcoin, it may be challenging to comprehend the amounts you are dealing with since one coin is worth tens of thousands of dollars. The price of one XRP is closer to one dollar, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to do the necessary math in mind.


  1. Limited availability of Ripple casinos and games. Despite the advantages of XRP, not all crypto casinos accept is as a payment method. The same is true for game providers. Therefore, before you start playing with XRP, make sure that the games you are interested in are available. But even if some games turn out not to be there, most often, you will be able to find a robust alternative.
  2. Not many bonuses for using Ripple (XRP) gambling sites. Equally, not all bonuses are available for XRP. If you would like to play with a bonus, please check with the support what offers they have for XRP deposits.

How to Choose an Online XRP Casino

As with any cryptocurrency and real money gambling in general, choosing a reliable XRP casino is essential. You will not be able to appreciate the benefits of fast transactions if the XRP casino you select slowly processes withdrawal requests. In addition, there are other factors that you should pay attention to when picking a Ripple online casino.

Payment Options

Speaking of XRP casinos, we mean crypto casinos that usually support various cryptocurrencies. Therefore, multiple cryptocurrencies will be an advantage if you choose another payment method in the future. What’s more, some XRP casinos allow you to make deposits in fiat currency or buy XRP directly on the website, contributing to players’ convenience.

XRP Casino Games

The more widespread XRP is getting in online gambling, the more games are available with it. Nevertheless, you can already play the most common casino games using XRP as a deposit method. Examples of XRP games include:

  • Slots;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Craps;
  • Poker.

Either way, game providers also recognize the needs of players, so more and more of them are adapting to XRP betting. Already now, using XRP as a deposit method, you can play games from such leading providers as BGaming and Evolution. The good news is that this list is constantly expanding!

Bonuses in Ripple Casinos

XRP casinos, just like any other gambling website, offer various bonuses to their loyal players. These bonuses may come in the form of a deposit match, free spins, or straight up as cash in your account. Typically, casinos set bonus value in BTC and convert it to XRP or another crypto of player’s choice.

Customer Reviews

Reviews from other players will significantly help you when choosing an XRP casino. No matter how much the casinos praise themselves, only first-hand judgements allow you to assess how things are really going. Players do not always leave flattering reviews if the casino is doing well. But rest assured, if something goes wrong, they will write about it. As a rule, the more comments players have left about a particular casino, the more you can trust them.

Top Ripple Casinos for 2022

Below, you can see the list of the best XRP casinos. A massive advantage of this list is that you don’t have to worry about the casinos’ reputation. We have hand-picked the most trustworthy and time-tested XRP gambling websites that have earned numerous positive reviews from players and prestigious awards.

  • LTC Casino was created by crypto players specifically for crypto players. Who better than the players themselves know each other’s needs? That’s why LTC Casino does not request verification either during the game or at the withdrawal stage. In addition, LTC Casino instantly processes payouts to crypto wallets, so when using XRP, withdrawals will actually take just a few seconds. LTC Casino also offers an extensive collection of games available for betting with XRP and other cryptocurrencies.
  • TTR Casino has been on the market since 2016 and earned a high reputation among players due to the fast payouts and top-notch support. Playing at TTR Casino with XRP, you can take advantage of the welcome offer and regular promotions such as slot races.
  • Surf Casino, like other casinos on the list, pays out winnings quickly and attracts players with bonuses for the first few deposits, which you can also receive when playing with XRP.
  • DLX Casino stands out thanks to its profound loyalty policy with eight levels. So if you want not only to win by placing bets in XRP but also to get generous rewards for leveling up, this is your choice.

Deposits and Withdrawals at XRP Casinos

Making deposits into an XRP casino is much easier than it might seem. If you choose Ripple online casino wisely, you will also face no problems with withdrawals.

  1. After opening an account, head straight to the “Wallet” tab and select XRP;
  2. The casino will provide you with the necessary data to send the deposit. Copy it;
  3. Go to your XRP wallet or the exchange, where you store your coins. Indicate the desired amount and use the copied data from the casino to send your deposit;
  4. After a few seconds, the coins should be credited to your XRP casino account. Now you can play!

By picking XRP as your casino deposit option, you enjoy the benefits of instantaneous transfers, while the transaction processing fee is always a fraction of a cent.

Important: Unlike most cryptocurrencies, in addition to the address, XRP also has a tag consisting of a series of numbers. It must also be included in your transaction data. Otherwise, the transaction may get lost, and your money will not reach its destination!


Is Ripple Gambling Legal?

Ripple gambling is perfectly legal if your country doesn’t impose restrictions on cryptocurrencies. What’s more, XRP enables you to bypass casino deposit limits that traditional payment systems may apply.

Where Can I Buy Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple (XRP) is one of the largest digital currencies, so you can buy it easily on most leading exchanges, such as Binance or FTX. However, kindly note that Coinbase does not support XRP trading.

How to store XRP?

You can keep XRP on the exchange service provider or transfer it to your own wallet. Since it doesn’t cost much to make an XRP transaction, some users may prefer the latter. If you are looking for an XRP wallet, consider Abra Wallet, Atomic Wallet, or Crypterium. To create a wallet, download the application from the official website and follow the instructions.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals with Ripple?

One of the key benefits of XRP is near-instant money transfers. You will also be able to withdraw XRP winnings quickly if you follow our recommendations for choosing reliable Ripple gambling websites.