Dream Catcher Stats and Biggest Wins

Dream Catcher, a pioneer in the online casino game show genre, has been a popular choice since its launch in 2017. Thousands of players have experienced the thrill of this live game in real time, with many achieving colossal winnings. Meanwhile, others continue their quest for victory, analyzing extensive Dream Catcher casino statistics accumulated over the years in hopes of forecasting future outcomes. It's these exhilarating experiences and moments that we're excited to share with you.


Dream Catcher is the simplest wheel of fortune game on our list. Dream Catcher offers no bonuses, but it does not mean that you can't win big in this game. To this end, Dream Catcher has 2x Multiplier and 7x Multiplier segments that may come up several times per round and multiply together. The final multiplier is then applied to the number that lands on the wheel. As a result, the player gets a chance to win up to 20,000x without placing any bonus bets.

  • Game name - Dream Catcher
  • Number of segments - 54
  • Multiplier segments - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40
  • Bonus segments - None
  • Extra Features - 2x Multiplier, 7x Multiplier
  • RTP - 95.65%
  • Max payout - 20,000x
Dream Catcher LTC Casino Screenshot
Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 42.59% 37.88% 42.59% 42.08% 42.16%
2 27.78% 25.76% 27.64% 28.05% 28.39%
5 12.96% 19.70% 12.37% 12.60% 12.66%
10 7.40% 10.61% 8.04% 7.86% 7.51%
20 3.70% 4.55% 3.64% 3.72% 3.75%
40 1.85% 1.52% 1.63% 1.94% 1.81%
2x Multiplier 1.85% 0.00% 1.63% 1.83% 1.82%
7x Multiplier 1.85% 0.00% 2.45% 1.91% 1.91%

Players were generally lucky throughout the day, hitting 7x Multiplier more frequently than expected. However, those hoping to capitalize on this wave of luck during the last hour were in for a big disappointment. During this period, not a single additional multiplier came up, and high-value segments were also extremely seldom.

Dream Catcher Biggest Wins

The Dream Catcher record was set on November 10, 2018. During one of the game rounds, the wheel stopped three times on the 7x Multiplier segment and then on Forty. As a result, the total payout amounted to 7x7x7x40 = 13,720x. This is a rare occurrence in this game that has happened only once to date.

However, Dream Catcher has awarded a more than generous payout of 1,960x over 20 times so far. In all of these cases, the wheel hit the 7x Multiplier segment twice before stopping on Forty. Thus, as statistics and logic suggest, the bet on Forty is great for those wanting to catch a massive multiplier in Dream Catcher.


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Q: How does Dream Catcher work?

A: Dream Catcher operates on the classic money wheel principle. Besides cash payouts, the wheel includes multiplier segments, significantly boosting the winning potential compared to simpler Wheel of Fortune versions.

Q: Are there any Dream Catcher predictors?

A: No. Dream Catcher statistics collected over the years reveal that the game is highly unpredictable. Therefore, no software can reliably forecast Dream Catcher results.

Q: How can I get an advantage by using Dream Catcher stats?

A: Although the outcomes in Dream Catcher are random, you can still use statistics effectively to tailor your gameplay strategy. This approach allows you to prioritize what's more important for you – aiming for bigger wins or focusing on more frequent, smaller victories. By analyzing the game's statistical data, you can make informed decisions that align with your personal goals.