Funky Time Stats – Game Strategies Based on Round History

Funky Time is an exciting disco-style game show released by Evolution in May 2023. The game is played in real time, and any player can watch it, even without a deposit. This way you can collect the history of Funky Time game rounds indefinitely in an attempt to explore and identify statistical patterns.

There are also dedicated websites that offer the option to access Funky Time stats. These platforms allow you to view the round history for various timeframes, such as an hour, a day, or even an entire month. Our objective is to demonstrate the practical implementation of Funky Time statistics in strategy development and shed light on the potential pitfalls of relying solely on perceived patterns.

Where Can I Find Funky Time Stats?

Funky Time stats are displayed in the game interface in the bottom right corner of the screen when playing on a desktop. Unfortunately, in the mobile version of Funky Time, statistics are not available yet.

By default, you can view the history of the last 24 rounds, but clicking a button under the stats box allows you to expand it to 48 rounds. During bonus rounds, a minimized stats box is displayed on the screen, showing only the latest 8 results for quick reference and overview.

The history of Funky Time game rounds is visually depicted through icons, with each icon representing a distinct segment on the wheel. Above an icon, you may notice a multiplier. It means that the payout for that particular round was enhanced by an additional multiplier.

Funky Time Stats

Probabilities and RTP in Funky Time

The distribution of probabilities in Funky Time is based on how often a particular segment appears on the wheel. Besides, each segment has its own return to player (RTP) rate, which is calculated by the game provider and specified in its description.

The specific distribution of probabilities and RTP values in Funky Time is as follows:

Segment Number of Segments Chance to Hit RTP
1 28 43.75% 95.99%
Any letter 24 (2 of each kind) 37.50% (3.13% for each kind) 95.49%
Bar Bonus 6 9.38% 95.98%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 2 3.13% 95.49%
Disco Bonus 3 4.68% 95.51%
VIP Disco Bonus 1 1.56% 95.38%

It is worth noting that in Funky Time, the maximum payout is limited to $500,000. As a result, the RTP for bets that have the potential to exceed this amount is adjusted to a lower value. For instance, if you place a $1,000 bet on the Disco Bonus segment, the RTP will be 95.20% instead of 95.51%. Similarly, if you wager $1,000 on any letter, the RTP will be 94.96% instead of 95.49%.

Funky Time Stats Analysis

Now, let's delve into the main topic of this review - the analysis of Funky Time stats. We will sequentially compare the round history collected at different intervals in an attempt to identify any consistent statistical patterns.

Funky Time One-Hour Stats

After collecting statistics for a duration of three hours, let's take a look at the findings and outcomes we have obtained.

Period 1 - 49 Rounds

Segment Times Hit As a Percentage
1 20 40.81%
Any letter 21 42.85%
Bar Bonus 3 6.12%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 1 2.04%
Disco Bonus 2 4.08%
VIP Disco Bonus 2 4.08%

Period 2 - 53 Rounds

Segment Times Hit As a Percentage
1 30 56.60%
Any letter 13 24.53%
Bar Bonus 6 11.32%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 1 1.89%
Disco Bonus 2 3.78%
VIP Disco Bonus 1 1.89%

Period 3 - 55 Rounds

Segment Times Hit As a Percentage
1 34 61.81%
Any letter 9 16.36%
Bar Bonus 5 9.09%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 3 5.45%
Disco Bonus 1 1.81%
VIP Disco Bonus 3 5.45%

Upon examining the collected statistics over a one-hour interval, it becomes evident that the distribution of results can vary significantly. There are notable deviations from the anticipated probabilities as well.

For example, in certain instances, Segment 1 may constitute a quarter of the outcomes, while in other cases, it surpasses 60%. Similar variations can be observed in other segments, including the letter segments. It is common to observe that, by the end of an hour, a particular letter emerges as the most frequent occurrence on the wheel, while several other letters may not appear at all.

Consequently, analyzing the statistics of Funky Time within a one-hour timeframe does not provide a reliable foundation for developing a universally effective approach. The correlation of results in shorter intervals, including the occurrence of consecutive identical segments, appears to be even more elusive. While players who attempt to establish such connections might experience occasional success through sheer luck, overall, relying solely on this strategy is bound to fail in the long run.

Funky Time One-Week Stats

Now, let's proceed with analyzing the Funky Time statistics over the course of a week. By examining this broader timeframe, we aim to uncover any patterns that may have eluded us in the shorter hourly sections.

Period 1 - 7,648 Rounds

Segment Times Hit As a Percentage
1 3,493 45.67%
Any letter 2,729 35.68%
Bar Bonus 704 9.20%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 240 3.14%
Disco Bonus 352 4.60%
VIP Disco Bonus 130 1.70%

Period 2 - 8,337 Rounds

Segment Times Hit As a Percentage
1 3,815 45.75%
Any letter 2,989 35.85%
Bar Bonus 770 9.23%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 217 2.60%
Disco Bonus 392 4.70%
VIP Disco Bonus 154 1.84%

Period 3 - 8,302 Rounds

Segment Times Hit As a Percentage
1 3,801 45.78%
Any letter 2,973 35.81%
Bar Bonus 735 8.85%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 241 2.90%
Disco Bonus 409 4.93%
VIP Disco Bonus 143 1.72%

Even within such a seemingly brief timeframe as a week, the distribution of results tends to be much more stable. However, significant deviations within the interval are still possible. For example, if one day's results are heavily skewed toward a particular segment, this would clearly affect the weekly statistics.

Funky Time One-Month Stats

Funky Time is a new game, so we have not had the opportunity to collect statistics spanning several months yet. However, based on the available data, the distribution of results in Funky Time appears to align closely with its predecessor, Crazy Time. You may also be interested in exploring our guide to Crazy Time stats.

While a month may be considered a relatively short timeframe in the context of Funky Time, our observations indicate that the actual results closely align with the expected probability results during monthly periods. Deviations from the anticipated probabilities typically remain within a tenth of a percent. If more substantial deviations do arise, they tend to normalize relatively quickly. As a result, in the majority of 30-day periods, the statistical patterns remain remarkably consistent, displaying minimal variance from one period to another.

Although the consistent statistical patterns observed in Funky Time may appear advantageous for devising a winning strategy, there is an inherent obstacle that cannot be overlooked. Like many other casino games, Funky Time maintains a negative expected value for players, with an average ranging between -4% and -4.5% depending on the chosen segment. This makes it challenging to overcome the inherent odds of the game, even if you expect some segments to appear more frequently than others.

Funky Time Disco Bonus

Stat-Based Funky Time Strategies

We have derived the following strategic recommendations for the game based on our observations of Funky Time statistics.

  • The outcome of each new round in Funky Time is entirely independent of the results of previous rounds. This is evident from the statistics gathered for shorter intervals, such as an hour or a day, where there is a notable dispersion of results across segments. Similarly, a big win does not preclude the possibility of another big win happening in the near future, and vice versa.
  • Certain letter segments do tend to appear more frequently than others within shorter time periods, like an hour or a day. But don’t be deceived into thinking that less frequent letter segments will suddenly become more common in the immediate future. In other words, betting on letter segments that have landed infrequently in the hope that they will occur more often is not a reliable strategy.
  • On monthly timeframes, the distribution of actual results generally aligns closely with the expected probability frequencies. This suggests that monthly statistics provide a more reliable indicator compared to shorter-term samples.
  • When devising a strategy to play Funky Time, the most reliable indicator to consider is the expected probability based on the number of segments of each type on the wheel. By understanding the probabilities associated with different segments, players can make more informed decisions. For instance, a player may choose to place larger bets on the Disco Bonus segment, which has a higher expected probability, while allocating smaller bets to the VIP Disco Bonus segment.
  • Funky Time offers a higher RTP rate for its bonus segments than Crazy Time. The RTP figures for the top bonuses - VIP Disco Bonus and Crazy Time World - stand at 95.38% and 94.41%, respectively. A single percent is a notable difference in this case. Players who prioritize pursuing significant winnings while maintaining a realistic understanding of probabilities would likely prefer playing Funky Time over Crazy Time.
  • Another advantage of Funky Time over Crazy Time is its lower volatility. While Crazy Time offers a maximum payout of 25,000 times the bet, achieving it may take years. In contrast, Funky Time has a maximum payout limit of 10,000 times the bet, meaning this game is more likely to generate notable wins within a shorter timeframe.
  • When engaging in high-stakes gameplay, it is crucial to be aware of Funky Time's maximum payout limit. Due to this rule, placing a $1,000 bet on the Disco Bonus segment and landing the maximum multiplier of 10,000x would result in a payout of $500,000 instead of $10,000,000. It also means that such bets have lower RTP values. To optimize your RTP and ensure a fair gameplay experience, it is advisable to place bets that align with the game's maximum payout restrictions and avoid exceeding the set limit.

Overall, Funky Time stats do serve as a valuable tool for analysis. However, it is essential to approach these statistics with caution, especially when drawing conclusions based on short-term results. Jumping to conclusions or attempting to establish correlations where none exist can lead to misconceptions and misguide players in their strategies.

Funky Time Big Wins

Funky Time boasts exceptional winning potential for a game show. Even with a bet on a letter segment, players have the chance to secure an impressive payout of 1250:1, provided they hit the maximum additional multiplier of 50x.

Undoubtedly, the VIP Disco Bonus stands out as the most lucrative opportunity. Distinguished from the standard Disco Bonus, it offers considerably higher multipliers. However, the Stayin' Alive Bonus presents an equally captivating prospect. You only need to land a decent extra multiplier and reach the top of the bonus round.

Here is a captivating video showcasing one of the remarkable wins at Funky Time. Witnessing such triumphs, we remain hopeful that Funky Time statistics and luck will guide you towards seizing the next exciting opportunity to win big.

Where Can I Play Funky Time and Win?

Funky Time has attracted thousands of enthusiastic players right upon its release and is available at numerous crypto live casinos. However, one shouldn’t underestimate the significance of selecting the right casino to play Funky Time, as it impacts such vital factors as payout speed and verification requirements, among other things.

At LTC Casino, players have the opportunity to enjoy Funky Time using Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. Our casino extends a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Anonymous gambling — no KYC required;
  • Play from anywhere in the world without restrictions;
  • Play Funky Time with a VPN;
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  • Extensive library of casino games and strategy guides.

What’s more, LTC Casino offers the benefit of watching Funky Time for free. To enjoy this experience, all you need to do is register an account and open the game. And if you find Funky Time to be as thrilling as most players do, you can easily make a deposit and commence playing with cryptocurrency right away.

Funky Time Stats FAQ

Can Funky Time stats help me win?

Statistics alone cannot guarantee a win at Funky Time, as the game's outcomes are inherently unpredictable, and each round is independent of previous results. Short-term round history will not provide any advantage in terms of predicting future outcomes. However, having a solid understanding of the probabilities associated with different segments can be highly beneficial in shaping your gameplay strategy and determining your betting sizes.

What is the best time to play Funky Time?

Funky Time stats show that big winnings can happen unpredictably at any given time, irrespective of the specific hour of the day.

How can I check my personal stats in Funky Time?

When playing Funky Time on a desktop, players can access their individual betting stats by clicking on the "Game History" tab located in the upper right corner of the screen. On mobile devices, the personal statistics can be found in the lower right menu.

Are there any patterns in Funky Time?

One notable pattern that we have discovered while analyzing Funky Time stats is that over monthly periods, the actual results align closely with their expected frequency. However, on shorter timeframes, results tend to vary and deviate significantly from the expected values.

How frequent are the bonus rounds in Funky Time?

Out of the 64 segments on the Funky Time wheel, 12 are designated as bonus segments. As a result, the occurrence of the bonus can be expected, on average, slightly less frequently than once every 5 rounds.

What is the probability of hitting each segment in Funky Time?

The probability of landing on each individual segment in Funky Time is 1.56%. However, certain types of bets in Funky Time correspond to multiple segments on the wheel. As a result, the probability of winning for these bets will be higher. For a more detailed understanding of the probability distribution for different types of bets, you can refer to the table provided at the beginning of this article.