Dead or Alive Saloon

Dead or Alive Saloon

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Dead or Alive Saloon created by Evolution is one of the most popular live games. You can find this live game among casino games with high Volatility. If you want to learn more about Dead or Alive Saloon rules and odds, play it for free with LTC Casino.

Dead or Alive: Saloon Rules and Gameplay

Dead or Alive: Saloon is a live game show from Evolution in a Wild West atmosphere, combining a card game with the theme of a sensational slot. This is a simple yet incredibly exciting game with a chance to multiply the bet thousands of times!

Dead or Alive: Saloon rules are straightforward. Your job is to guess which regular card will be drawn. You can bet on individual cards, cards of a particular suit or value, or all of them at once.

The initial multiplier is set at 20x. It corresponds to the minimum Dead or Alive: Saloon payout you get if your chosen regular card is placed on the table first. However, on top of the 52 regular cards, the Dead or Alive: Saloon deck contains 52 bonus cards that make this game so exciting and allow you to significantly increase the payout over the starting multiplier.

The Dead or Alive: Saloon RTP is 97.02%. Strikingly, this is one of the highest values among all Evolution's game shows. Therefore, Dead or Alive: Saloon is not only extremely fun to play, but it also provides decent odds of winning.

Dead or Alive: Saloon Features

Obviously, the main feature of the Dead or Alive: Saloon game is the bonus cards. There are three types of them:

  • Multiplier – Awards a multiplier ranging between 20x and 100x, which is added to the current round multiplier;
  • Double - Doubles the current round multiplier;
  • Bounty - Triggers the Bounty Hunt bonus game, where you need to pick one of three targets. The targets may reveal multipliers from 10x to 200x.

An unlimited number of bonus cards can be placed on the table as long as they remain in the deck. Once a regular card appears, the game round ends and the players who placed a bet on this card receive a payout according to the multiplier accumulated by that moment.


What is the maximum payout in Dead or Alive: Saloon?

The maximum payout in Dead or Alive: Saloon when playing with Bitcoin is 25 BTC. The potential multiplier is only limited by the number of bonus cards in the deck.

Are there any betting strategies for Dead or Alive: Saloon?

Choose a strategy for Dead or Alive: Saloon depending on your risk preference. You can bet on all cards to get a guaranteed payout each round or limit the selection to raise the risk level and potential winnings.

Can I play Dead or Alive: Saloon for free?

You can watch Dead or Alive: Saloon without making a deposit at LTC Casino. It’s enough to register and open the game.