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Dragon Tiger

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Dragon Tiger created by Evolution is one of the most popular live games. You can find this live game among casino games with high Volatility. If you want to learn more about Dragon Tiger rules and odds, play it for free with LTC Casino.

Dragon Tiger Rules and Gameplay

What happens if you take a classic game of baccarat and simplify it as much as possible while increasing the maximum payout to 50x? Right, you will get an exciting and dynamic game Dragon Tiger.

Your job in Dragon Tiger is to guess which of the two sides will win by having the highest card. Instead of the dealer and banker, the sides are called Dragon and Tiger. Each side is dealt one card, and then they are compared. The ace is the lowest card, while the king is the highest. Picking the winner doubles the bet.

You can also bet on a tie, which pays 11:1. A suited tie pays 50:1. If the round results in a tie and your bet is placed either on Dragon or Tiger, you will get half of it back.

Dragon Tiger is played with eight 52-card decks. Play Dragon Tiger with Bitcoin at LTC Casino now!

Dragon Tiger Live Features

The Dragon Tiger win probability for bets on either hand is about 46%. As a result, the RTP for the main bet (Dragon or Tiger) is 96.27%. Concurrently, a suited tie bet, despite an impressive payout, has an RTP of only 86.02%. The player can reduce the house edge to 3-4% with an optimal playstyle.

The Dragon Tiger game rules are elementary, and one round takes only 25 seconds. Therefore, the Dragon Tiger casino game is perfect for both beginners and experienced players who would like to broaden their experience.


Is Dragon Tiger the same as baccarat?

Dragon Tiger follows the similar mechanics to baccarat. However, its rules are much simpler.

How do you beat the Dragon Tiger game?

RTP-based casino strategies and bankroll management may improve your odds at Dragon Tiger.

What is the max win in Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming?

The maximum payout in Dragon Tiger is 50:1. It is awarded for a win on the suited tie bet.