Easter Plinko

Easter Plinko

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Easter Plinko created by BGaming is one of the best slots. You can find this slot among games with high Volatility. If you want to learn more about Easter Plinko, play it for free with LTC Casino.

Easter meets a legendary Bitcoin casino game in the Easter Plinko release from BGaming. While the gameplay remains unchanged compared to the original, you're sure to love the Easter atmosphere refreshing the vibe of the well-known game. In this version, the developer has replaced the typical Plinko balls with colored eggs, which makes the picture more pleasing to the eye.

Celebrate Easter with one of the best cryptocurrency games ever created!

How to Play Easter Plinko

In terms of rules, Easter Plinko is exactly the same as the standard Plinko, so players familiar with the game will be able to dive into the gameplay right away.

Before you start playing Easter Plinko for crypto at LTC Casino, you will need to create an account. LTC Casino collects no personal data and requires no KYC. Once your account is created, the only thing you need to do is make a deposit. You can play Easter Plinko with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, XRP, or USDT. Alternatively, you can play Easter Plinko for free - simply open the game before creating an account or logging in.

Easter Plinko interface includes two key settings:

  • Risk level - determines the distribution of multipliers among pockets. The higher the risk level, the more the outermost pockets pay, and the central pockets pay less.
  • Number of rows - When you select more rows, pockets with higher multipliers appear on the screen, but some of the existing payouts are reduced.

You can activate the autoplay mode or bet manually.

As soon as you place your first bet, a colored egg will appear on the screen. Your winnings are determined by the pocket where the egg falls. You can launch several eggs in a row and immediately use your winnings for new bets.

Easter Plinko Strategies

Easter Plinko is a fun and simple game enabling various strategies to increase your chances of winning and prolong your gameplay.

  • One of the most important factors is keeping track of your balance. Every pocket in BGaming's Easter Plinko has a payout, even if it is only 0.2x. However, consistent payouts below your initial bet can quickly deplete your balance.
  • Another essential aspect is to choose your bets wisely. If your balance drops drastically or if you move to a higher risk level, it may make sense to reduce your bet.
  • It is also important not to make emotional decisions during the game. When luck is not on your side or when you are particularly lucky, it is easy to get emotional and deviate from your optimal playstyle. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to take a break and step away from the game for a while.


What is the maximum payout in Easter Plinko?

The maximum payout in Easter Plinko when playing with Bitcoin is 1000x of your bet.

Can I play Easter Plinko for free?

You can play Easter Plinko without making a deposit at LTC Casino. It’s enough to register and open the game or click "Try in Fun mode" button right now.

Can I win Bitcoins on Easter Plinko instant win game?

Yes, registered account would be the only option to play with cryptocurrency and win bitcoins.

Can I play Easter Plinko on my mobile device?

Yes, this game is mobile-friendly and can be played on any device.

How can I win while playing Easter Plinko?

This is a licensed instant win game that generates random results and all you need is a bit of luck. Check the paytable to see how much you can win.