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PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette

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PowerUP Roulette created by Pragmatic Play Live is one of the most popular live games. You can find this live game among casino games with high Volatility. If you want to learn more about PowerUP Roulette rules and odds, play it for free with LTC Casino.

PowerUP Roulette: A Fresh Spin on a Classic Game

Welcome to the electrifying world of PowerUP Roulette! This is not your average casino offering, but a live casino game that brings a heart-thumping, edge-of-your-seat experience right to your fingertips. Are you ready to dive into a game that takes the classic roulette game, flips it on its head, and adds a touch of pure exhilaration? Let's jump right in!

How to Play PowerUP Roulette

The game operates on the core principles of the traditional European Roulette but with a twist of excitement that is hard to find anywhere else. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place Your Bets: Just like classic roulette, PowerUP Roulette starts with players placing their bets. You have a tidy 18 seconds to place your bets on the numbers you fancy.
  2. Spinning the Wheel: Once the bets are placed, the vivacious game host spins the wheel, setting the stage for an adrenaline rush unlike any other.
  3. PowerUP Numbers Highlighted: During the spin, 3 to 5 selected numbers morph into PowerUP numbers and are highlighted on the screen, paving the way for the PowerUP bonus spins.
  4. Land a PowerUP, Trigger a Bonus: If the ball lands on a PowerUP number, voila! You trigger a PowerUP bonus spin, which gives all players with straight-up bets a second chance to win.

Elevating the Classic: What Makes PowerUP Different

What sets PowerUP Roulette apart from the traditional roulette game? It’s the PowerUP bonus spins! They provide additional chances to win, making every spin an adventure. With up to five PowerUP bonus spins per game, the stakes get higher, and the payouts increase with each bonus round. Imagine the rush of watching the ball inch closer to your number, knowing that a PowerUP bonus could propel your winnings to the next level!

Power-ups and Special Features: A New Spin on Roulette

PowerUP Roulette adds a new layer of excitement with its multipliers. The roulette layout is divided into sections, each hiding multipliers behind the numbers. The more horizontal lines atop a section, the higher the multipliers waiting to be uncovered. With multipliers ranging from a modest 25x in the main game to a whopping 8000x in the 5th PowerUP Bonus Round, the potential to multiply your winnings is electrifying!

Betting Mechanics in PowerUP Roulette

Betting in PowerUP Roulette is a breeze, even for newcomers. The fast learning curve ensures you get a grip on the game in no time.

PowerUP Roulette boasts a standard roulette interface. At the center of the screen, numbers are displayed alongside betting options for individual ranges, such as red/black or a dozen. To the left, a track is designated for placing more advanced bet types like Voisins, Orphellins, or Tiers. To the right, an area is allocated for placing special bet types that are directly relevant to PowerUP Roulette, including Bet on All and Even Chances.

Best Strategies for PowerUP Roulette

Winning in PowerUP Roulette isn’t just a matter of luck, but a blend of strategy and understanding the mechanics. Familiarizing yourself with the multipliers, betting wisely, and keeping an eye on the PowerUP numbers could turn the odds in your favor.

Getting Started with PowerUP Roulette

Ready to dive in? Nothing could be easier!

  1. Register: Sign up on the online casino offering PowerUP Roulette.
  2. Make a Deposit: Deposit the amount you wish to play with.
  3. Place Your Bets: Now you’re ready to join the table and place your bets.

PowerUP Roulette is more than just a roulette game; it's a roller-coaster of fun, excitement, and potential big wins. With its unique features and electrifying gameplay, PowerUP Roulette is changing the way we experience live casino games. Let the games begin!


Q: Can I play PowerUP Roulette for free?

A: No, you cannot play PowerUP Roulette for free, but by registering at an online casino that offers it, you can watch the gameplay unfold without making a deposit.

Q: What are the odds in PowerUP Roulette?

A: With an RTP (Return to Player) of 97.19% for straight-up bets and 97.3% for all other bet types, the odds are quite attractive.

Q: Is PowerUP Roulette available on mobile?

A: Absolutely! Enjoy PowerUP Roulette on the go, as it’s designed to be mobile-friendly.