Salon Prive Baccarat A

Salon Prive Baccarat A

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Salon Prive Baccarat A created by Evolution is one of the most popular live games. You can find this live game among casino games with high Volatility. If you want to learn more about Salon Prive Baccarat A rules and odds, play it for free with LTC Casino.

High Stakes Baccarat Rules and Gameplay

The player's mission in Baccarat is to guess which hand will win by having the higher score.

Only the numerical values ​​of each card impact the final result. In other words, a nine is worth 9 points, while a ten and face cards are worth 0. Ace is the lowest value card and equals to 1 point. If the sum of two cards exceeds 10, 10 points are subtracted from the total.

Initially, the player and the banker are dealt two cards each. They may receive a third card depending on the current total.

LTC Casino offers various options to play high stakes Baccarat with Bitcoin. VIP Baccarat games follow the standard rules and stand out as a premium variation with enhanced quality.

High Stakes Baccarat Features

You will encounter VIP Baccarat tables under the title Salon Prive in the game lobby. There are five of them in total. Notably, only one player can be seated at a high stakes Baccarat table at any given moment. Therefore, the game pace is up to you.

In regular Baccarat, the duration of each stage is rule-bound. In high roller Baccarat, dealer's actions depend solely on how quickly you make decisions. You can either quickly play rounds one after another or take your time to reflect on possible moves. No other player can join the table or even watch your game.

High limit Baccarat also boasts a professional VIP manager who will take care of all your preferences at the table.


What is the highest Baccarat bet?

The maximum high roller Baccarat bet is 0.3 BTC.

What is the max win in Salon Prive Baccarat by Evolution Gaming?

The maximum win at Salon Prive Baccarat is 0.6 BTC.