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    Super Sic Bo

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      Super Sic Bo created by Evolution is one of the most popular live games. You can find this live game among casino games with high Volatility. If you want to learn more about Super Sic Bo rules and odds, play it for free with LTC Casino.

      Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming

      Dive into the electrifying ambiance of Super Sic Bo by Evolution, a contemporary twist on the ancient Chinese dice game that has taken the online casino world by storm. With every roll of the dice, the excitement crescendos as you may hit a multiplier of up to 1000x.

      Ready to ride the thrilling wave of Super Sic Bo online? Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of this enticing table game.

      How to Play Super Sic Bo

      Ah, the simplicity and the thrill of dice games, right? Super Sic Bo takes the ancient Sic Bo game, shakes it up, and adds a sprinkle of modernity to it, thanks to Evolution Gaming's ingenious touch. The essence? Predicting the outcome of a three-dice shake. But, oh, it’s much more than that.

      The Live Table Setup in Super Sic Bo

      As you step into the live Super Sic Bo realm, you’re greeted by a live dealer, a custom dice shaker, and an intuitive interface displaying a myriad of betting options. Live betting statistics are at your fingertips, showcasing the outcomes of the past nine rounds to guide your betting choices. The live table setup ensures you're not just playing; you're living the Super Sic Bo experience.

      Betting Options: Traditional and Super Bets

      Oh, the array of bets you can place! From Small/Big and Odd/Even bets to the more adventurous Total, Single, Double, and Triple bets, the options are aplenty. And then there are the Super Bets, the game changers with random multipliers that can skyrocket your winnings up to 1000x. The betting round is where seasoned casino players and newcomers find common ground, each bet bringing a shot at lucrative payouts.

      Best Strategies for Super Sic Bo

      Some say luck, we say strategy. Though a game of chance, employing a strategy could tilt the odds in your favor.

      Traditional Sic Bo Strategies Adapted for Super Sic Bo

      In the world of Super Sic Bo, tradition meets modernity. The tried-and-true strategies of the classic Sic Bo game can be your stepping stone. Adapting them to the supercharged environment of Super Sic Bo, with its random multipliers, could open doors to rewarding outcomes.

      Multipliers in Super Sic Bo are randomly assigned at the start of each round. However, not all wagers can have enhanced payouts; they have minimum and maximum limits. For instance, Total bets have multipliers based on the total itself, and certain bets like Singles, Doubles, and Triples have specific multiplier ranges. Being aware of these can guide your betting decisions.

      Getting Started with Super Sic Bo

      Ready to dive into the whirlpool of excitement that is Super Sic Bo by Evolution? Here’s your roadmap.

      Registering and Making a Crypto Deposit for Super Sic Bo: Step-by-Step

      Embark on your Super Sic Bo adventure by registering at a reputable online casino, and why not add a touch of modernity by making a crypto deposit? Follow the simple steps, and voila, you're ready to place your bets in the live Super Sic Bo arena.

      • Step 1: Select a crypto-friendly online casino offering Super Sic Bo by Evolution and create an account.
      • Step 2: Navigate to the cashier section and choose cryptocurrency as your deposit method.
      • Step 3: Follow the casino’s instructions to complete the crypto deposit by sending the crypto to a specified address.
      • Step 4: Once the deposit is confirmed, find Super Sic Bo in the games section, and start placing your bets!

      Super Sic Bo is not just a game; it’s a journey filled with unexpected thrills at every corner. Whether a seasoned casino enthusiast or a newcomer, Super Sic Bo by Evolution welcomes you to a world where every roll of the dice is a step towards a potential fortune. Your seat at the table is waiting!


      Q: Can I play Super Sic Bo for free?

      A: No, you can't play Super Sic Bo for free in the traditional sense, but there's a silver lining. By simply registering on our platform, you unlock the doors to observe the gameplay without making any deposit.

      Q: What are the odds in Super Sic Bo?

      A: The odds vary based on your bet type, with the optimal return to player (RTP) for the main bet being 97.22%. The dynamic multipliers are the game changers, promising a roller-coaster of lucrative possibilities.

      Q: Is Super Sic Bo available on mobile?

      A: Absolutely! The thrill of Super Sic Bo travels with you. Whether on your desktop or mobile, the electrifying experience of Super Sic Bo is just a click away.