Monopoly Live Stats and Biggest Wins

Monopoly Live is a popular live casino game by Evolution, inspired by the widely beloved board game. While the strategy in regular Monopoly is straightforward, mainly hoping to roll doubles at the right moment, the casino version adds an intriguing twist to the gameplay.

In Monopoly Live, players have access to various tools, including statistics that show the history of rounds. This feature allows you to see which segments appear more frequently than others. For new players, a natural question arises: How can this information be leveraged to gain an advantage in the game? Let's explore some real-life examples to assess the effectiveness of using Monopoly Live stats as a strategy and whether it truly helps in enhancing your gameplay.

Monopoly Live Stats

Monopoly Live owes its popularity not only to the legendary board game but also to its almost unlimited winning potential. Monopoly Live with Bitcoin features a single bonus game that can be won with two bets: 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. Depending on the bonus game type, you get 2 or 4 rolls. If you hit a double in the bonus game, you get an extra roll, which theoretically allows you to continue the game indefinitely until you reach the maximum payout.

  • Game name - Monopoly Live
  • Number of segments - 54
  • Multiplier segments - 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Bonus segments - 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls
  • Extra features - Chance
  • RTP - 96.23%
  • Max payout - 10,000x
Monopoly Live LTC Casino Screenshot
Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 40.75% 31.15% 41.30% 41.19% 40.95%
2 27.78% 36.07% 26.24% 27.12% 27.65%
5 12.96% 6.56% 12.73% 13.12% 13.20%
10 7.40% 13.11% 7.64% 7.77% 7.37%
Chance 3.70% 6.56% 4.10% 3.75% 3.70%
2 Rolls 5.55% 6.56% 5.73% 5.25% 5.29%
4 Rolls 1.85% 0.00% 2.26% 1.80% 1.83%

Congratulations to the players who noticed that the 4 Rolls segment appeared more often than expected during the day and decided not to bet on it. But on the other hand, they could not expect that Ten would land so frequently in the last hour. That said, Five came up much less frequently, even though the results for both segments were in line with expectations throughout the day. This is another strong indication of how chance and luck are much more important for the results of individual game rounds and short sessions than statistical probabilities.

Monopoly Live Biggest Wins

Since the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus games in Monopoly Live are effectively the same and differ only in the number of rolls, the biggest winnings come from the 4 Rolls bonus round, as expected. For instance, on April 28, 2020, lucky players managed to hit the biggest payout ever of 9,600x on the 4 Rolls bonus.

You'd be surprised, but the seventh-biggest payout in Monopoly Live history of 2,080x came from the 2 Rolls bonus. And since we are talking about stats here, the 2 Rolls bonus round triggers three times more often than 4 Rolls on average.


Could it be that playing Monopoly Live is more advantageous at certain times than others? To explore this possibility, let's examine the frequency of the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus rounds in three distinct sessions. These rounds are particularly noteworthy because they're where players have the highest likelihood of securing substantial wins. Analyzing their occurrence could shed light on whether timing influences the chances of hitting these lucrative bonus rounds.

First Day's Outcomes in Monopoly Live Bonus Games
Bonus Game 2 Rolls 4 Rolls
Times Hit 88 22
Highest Payout 80x 378x
Lowest Payout 1x 13x
Average Payout 13x 64x
Second Day's Outcomes in Monopoly Live Bonus Games
Bonus Game 2 Rolls 4 Rolls
Times Hit 81 27
Highest Payout 31x 544x
Lowest Payout 1x 10x
Average Payout 12x 62x
Third Day's Outcomes in Monopoly Live Bonus Games
Bonus Game 2 Rolls 4 Rolls
Times Hit 84 25
Highest Payout 75x 855x
Lowest Payout 1x 15x
Average Payout 14x 78x

Players who observed the remarkable performance of the 4 Rolls segment over two days had the opportunity to capitalize on an impressive 855x multiplier on Day 3. Luck was undoubtedly a factor in this outcome. Yet, the gathered statistics align with the theory that one of the most viable strategies for winning in a casino involves taking risks for big payouts. Opting for low-risk bets often results in a slow but steady depletion of the bankroll. This trend is exemplified by the results of the 2 Rolls segment in our analysis, further supporting the higher risk, higher reward approach.

2 ROLLS Stats

We'll now examine the most successful 2 Rolls rounds from our Monopoly Live statistics. While players don't make active decisions in this stage, it's still interesting to note which starting points in the bonus round tend to have a higher potential for winning.

Payout 80x 31x 75x
Extra Multiplier 4x None 5x
Rolls 2-5, 4-9 3-5, 4-4, 5-5, 4-6 5-6, 4-5
Squares Passed Chance, Bow Street Euston Road, Bow Street, Leicester Square, Chance Pall Mall, Free Parking

In the rounds with the two highest payouts, an additional multiplier was granted due to the Chance segment preceding the bonus. In contrast, the round that resulted in a 31x win did not have such an extra multiplier, and despite having two doubles, it ended up being the most modest one among those considered. Therefore, the presence of an extra multiplier significantly influences the results of the bonus round, more so than the occurrence of doubles, which players often eagerly anticipate.

Monopoly Live LTC Casino Screenshot

4 ROLLS Stats

Now, let's similarly examine the best-performing 4 Rolls bonus rounds. This analysis will focus on identifying the rounds with the highest multipliers and any additional factors that contributed to these successful outcomes.

Payout 378x 544x 855x
Extra Multiplier 3x None 3x
Rolls 5-6, 3-5, 1-1, 2-2, 5-6, 1-2 4-5, 4-5, 2-4, 4-4, 2-5 3-5, 1-2, 3-6, 3-3, 1-1, 5-6
Squares Passed Pall Mall, Vine Street, The Strand, Fenchurch St, Chance, Mayfair Pentonville Road, Marlborough Street, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, Mayfair Euston Road, Pall Mall, Free Parking, Leicester Square, Water Works, Mayfair

Clearly, the largest wins in Monopoly Live's 4 Rolls bonus rounds stem from a successful combination of landing doubles and obtaining an additional multiplier. This is evident in the instance of the 855x win, where both elements aligned perfectly to result in a significant payout.

Chance Segment Stats

As we've observed, Chance segments are essential for scoring big in Monopoly Live. An interesting aspect of these segments is that their multipliers are not limited to the bonus game; they can enhance any payouts occurring in that round. Let's delve into the frequency of these Chance segments appearing in the game and the typical rewards they offer, to get a better understanding of their impact.

Timeframe 2x Multiplier 3x Multiplier 4x Multiplier 5x Multiplier 8x Multiplier 10x Multiplier Cash Prize
Hour 0 0 0 0 0 2 (50%) 2 (50%)
3 Hours 0 1 (14.29%) 0 0 0 2 (28.57%) 4 (57.14%)
6 Hours 2 (14.29%) 1 (7.14%) 0 0 0 4 (28.57%) 6 (42.86%)
12 Hours 3 (10.34%) 4 (13.79%) 1 (3.45%) 0 3 (10.34%) 7 (24.14%) 11 (37.93%)
24 Hours 13 (19.40%) 8 (11.94%) 8 (11.94%) 1 (1.94%) 4 (5.97%) 10 (14.93%) 23 (34.33%)
72 Hours 31 (17.13%) 12 (6.63%) 21 (11.60%) 11 (6.08%) 12 (6.63%) 22 (12.15%) 72 (39.78%)
Week 74 (18.14%) 29 (7.11%) 33 (8.09%) 34 (8.33%) 36 (8.82%) 49 (12.01%) 153 (37.50%)
Month 299 (18.98%) 144 (9.14%) 138 (8.76%) 142 (9.02%) 117 (7.43%) 168 (10.67%) 567 (36.00%)

Interestingly, the random number generator, determining prize distribution when the Chance segment is hit, often produces large multipliers over certain short-term periods. This observation suggests that employing Monopoly Live strategies that cover multiple segments on the wheel during these times could be an effective approach to capture increased payouts.


To experience Monopoly Live stats in action, selecting a reliable casino with favorable conditions is essential. When choosing, most players look for:

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  • Support for various payment methods – including different cryptocurrencies.
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Monopoly Live Statistic FAQ

Q: How does Monopoly Live work?

A: Monopoly Live merges the excitement of a live game show with the classic charm of the legendary board game, creating a unique and truly captivating gaming experience.

Q: Are there any Monopoly Live predictors?

A: No, all outcomes in Monopoly Live are entirely random, making it impossible for any software to predict future events in the game.

Q: How can I get an advantage by using Monopoly Live stats?

A: Monopoly Live statistics indicate that certain periods can be more favorable for gameplay. However, it's important to remember that a winning streak can shift to a losing one at any time, which would completely alter the statistics.