Bitcoin Games with the Best Odds of Winning

When you come to a casino, you almost certainly want not only to have a good time but to win as well. This is true for both land-based casinos and virtual ones, including Bitcoin casinos. You may have already heard about strategies that help, if not beat the casino, then at least increase the odds of winning. However, not everyone knows that an intelligent approach to gambling starts with choosing the right game.


What is RTP?

Casino games differ in return to player (RTP). RTP shows the percentage of bet returned to you after each game round in the long run. As the saying goes, the house always wins, so you won’t find a game with an RTP greater than 100%. You can, however, increase your odds simply by choosing the games with the highest RTP.

Let’s say you play a roulette game with an RTP of 97.3%. The net house edge is 2.7%. This is precisely the amount that you will lose if you place bets indefinitely. For every $100, $97.30 will be returned to you, and $2.70 will go to the casino. Now let’s say you play a slot with an RTP of 92%. In this case, with each bet of $100, only $92 will be returned to you, and $8 will be taken by the casino. You’d agree, the difference is substantial.


Top Casino Games by RTP

If you prefer casino table games, you do the right thing. See for yourself: we have prepared the top of casino games by RTP, and all the games in it turned out to be table games.


Blackjack — RTP above 99%



Blackjack is one of the most popular and the most profitable casino games. It is played against the dealer, while several players can be seated at the table, which makes the game more entertaining. The player’s objective in Blackjack is to accumulate more points than the dealer, but not more than 21.

Please note that different rules may apply when playing Blackjack, thus changing the RTP. For example, in the European Blackjack the RTP is 99.6%, and in the Double Exposure version it is 99.33%.

It is elementary to learn Blackjack. Blackjack differs from poker, where you can meet professionals at the table who will have a massive edge over a casual player. In Blackjack, luck affects the dealer’s success as much as the player’s success. However, make sure you follow the basic strategy to maximize RTP and take the most mathematically sound actions.

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Baccarat — RTP from 98.84%



Baccarat is another card game where players aim to get as many points as possible using two or three cards. When playing Baccarat, the player can place bets on the “Player,” “Banker,” or “Tie” fields. Typically, bets on the banker’s hand have a house edge from 1.06%, and on the player’s hand from 1.24%. However, the house charges a 5% commission on all winnings for the banker’s hand, thus balancing the RTP differences.

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Roulette — RTP from 98.65%



Roulette is considered one of the oldest casino games but it is still very popular. Players can bet on a color, odd or even numbers, a range, or a specific number when playing Roulette.

As with Blackjack, there are several types of Roulette that differ in the RTP:

  • French Roulette — RTP from 98.65%;
  • European Roulette — RTP from 97.3%;
  • American Roulette — RTP from 94.74%.

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Craps — RTP from 98.6%



Craps is a dice game in which players place bets on the outcome of a pair or three dice. Unlike the games described above, Craps is a rather complex game in which the house edge can grow dramatically if the players don’t know which bets are most profitable for them. Nevertheless, by following the strategy, the players can minimize the house edge and at the same time increase their chances of winning. Some strategies and rules of Craps even allow reducing the house edge to zero.

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Casino Games with the Lowest RTP

Casinos do not like to endorse that, but there are certain games where their advantage is huge, and the players quickly lose money.


Keno — RTP below 84%

Keno is a well-known number lottery game that uses dozens of numbered balls and a game sheet on which the player must mark numbers. In most cases, the advantage of the lottery organizer is 16% or more, but in some cases it can reach 30-50%! On the other hand, in Bitcoin casinos you can find the latest Bitcoin Keno game variations with an RTP of more than 95%. It’s not as good as in Blackjack or Roulette, but not as bad as in the abovementioned scenarios.


Slots — RTP differs

Many players come to the casinos for slots. As a result, thousands of slots with different mechanics and RTP have been released over the years. While many game providers set a decent RTP of 96-98%, the number may go down to 80% in certain variations. With such games, you will lose your money very quickly, while winnings will come rarely and be much less in value than you would expect. Thus, slots should not be completely ruled out as a casino games class, but don’t forget to check the RTP in the game information panel before you start playing.