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Online Poker is the modern version of what is probably the world’s best known card game. Its popularity comes mainly from Hollywood movies, where it is pictured as a game of glamour, strategy and luck and misfortune.

Poker is probably the card game with the largest number of players. Some studies estimate that currently there are around 30 million players. It is the right game for those who like excitement, socialising and fun. Although it requires a certain technique from players, the concept of Poker is quite easy to understand, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

The goal of the game is to make a better hand than your opponents or the dealer by combining the cards and winning the round. The variations of Poker are practically infinite, with a wide range of options that make it possible to find one that suits the style of each player.

Something that does not change in the variations are the combinations of cards and their respective value. They are these:

  • High card – Defeats the opponent if no one has a valid card combination and if your best card is higher than the opponents.
  • One Pair – Two cards of the same value.
  • Two Pair – Two pair combination.
  • Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same rank.
  • Straight – A combination of five cards of consecutive value.
  • Flush – Five cards of the same suit.
  • Full – Combination of a three of a kind and a pair.
  • Four of a Kind – Four cards of the same rank in the hand.
  • Straight flush – Five cards in numerical sequence, but with cards of the same suit.
  • Royal flush – Same as above, but with cards from 10 to ace.

The most common versions of Poker are Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em.

The betting method is the same in all variations. Chips are available in the lower left-hand area of the screen (edge of the table) and you can choose the amount to play by selecting the respective chips.