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In traditional online casinos, you need to provide a bank card number or a payment system identifier to top up your account. In crypto casinos, the situation is different, as they use crypto addresses presented as a string of letters and numbers.

Players usually copy the address from a crypto casino and paste it into the corresponding field on the exchange or in the wallet to send a deposit. Before sending a deposit, you need to reconcile the first and last few characters of the address you are going to make a transfer to with the one specified at the casino. This is how you can prevent address spoofing by malware that may be present on your device.

However, simply checking the address may not be enough for a successful deposit into a crypto casino. The thing is, the same crypto assets may be available in different networks. Therefore, in order to make a successful deposit, it is equally important to select the correct network. What's more, some crypto deposit methods require additional information, such as an identifier. Otherwise, your deposit may be lost.

Let's see which networks you should use to make a deposit at LTC Casino and when it may be necessary to provide an identifier.

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