Stats and Biggest Wins in Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher

Evolution live game shows attract hundreds of players trying to win with various strategies and tricks. One common approach is to use statistics, i.e. the results of previous rounds, to predict future outcomes.

We've looked at stats for Crazy Time, Monopoly, and Dream Catcher on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly timespans to see if this method works. We have also considered the biggest wins at Evolution live game shows of all time. Perhaps, there are also some statistical patterns that can tell us the best bets with the highest probability of a big win.

Stats at Live Game Shows by Evolution

The games listed below are all variations of the wheel of fortune. The host starts the game round by triggering the wheel with multiple segments on it. These segments may indicate a multiplier, a special feature, or a bonus game. The exact set of segments may vary from game to game, but the basic principle remains the same.

It is expected that some segments will appear more often than others in short timeframes. You can see the stats for the last 21 rounds at the bottom of the game screen, and clicking a special button reveals the results of 49 rounds.

Players may try to draw certain conclusions based on this information. For example, they know that the bonus game is triggered once every six rounds on average, but it has not come up for 14 rounds in a row. It makes them believe that the bonus game is definitely around the corner. Or if Two lands six times in a row, they may think that the same segment will likely come up the seventh time.

Looking ahead, we should note that this way of thinking has a special name – the gambler's fallacy. People tend to establish false links between completely unrelated events. Indeed, the bonus game may not come up 20 or even 30 times in a row, but it doesn't make it more probable in one of the future rounds. Subsequently, the bonus game may appear 2-3 times in a row and thus even out the probabilities, but no one knows exactly when this will happen.

All of that brings into play another phenomenon – the law of large numbers. According to the law, the mean value of a finite sample from a fixed distribution is close to the mathematical expectation of this distribution. In other words, over a sufficiently long distance, the probability between the segments in Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, or Dream Catcher is always distributed closer to the statistical expectation.

The stats we have collected for Crazy Time, Monopoly, and Dream Catcher reaffirm this assertion. However, there is still a way to improve your chances of winning or lessen the likelihood of losing.

Crazy Time Stats

Crazy Time is one of the most popular game shows by Evolution. In Crazy Time with Bitcoin, you can bet on four multiplier segments and four bonus segments. Bonus games differ in winning potential, with Coin Flip having the least potential and Crazy Time being one of the most attractive segments. The game also has a Top Slot feature that may randomly assign one of the segments with a multiplier up to 50x at the beginning of the round.

  • Game name - Crazy Time
  • Number of segments - 54
  • Multiplier segments - 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Bonus segments - Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time
  • Extra features - Top Slot
  • RTP - 96.08%
  • Max payout - 25,000x
Crazy Time LTC Casino Screenshot
Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 38.88% 31.15% 39.88% 39.24% 39.02%
2 24.07% 27.87% 25.71% 24.83% 24.08%
5 12.96% 8.20% 10.35% 12.37% 12.81%
10 7.40% 13.11% 6.99% 7.06% 7.34%
Cash Hunt 3.70% 3.28% 4.35% 3.80% 3.60%
Pachinko 3.70% 6.56% 3.16% 3.62% 3.85%
Coin Flip 7.40% 6.56% 7.84% 7.26% 7.39%
Crazy Time 1.85% 3.28% 1.71% 1.82% 1.90%

As can be seen in the table above, the one-hour results deviated significantly from the expectations because Two, Ten, Pachinko, and Crazy Time were coming up more frequently. However, even in such a short period as one day, the actual results are closely aligned with the expected ones. And they continue to smooth out over time.

Likewise, it is worth noting that Ten landed twice with a break of one round just before we finished collecting the stats. If players were guided by the past results, they would not expect that and therefore lose money by placing less profitable bets.

Crazy Time Biggest Wins

The biggest wins of all time on Crazy Time stats paint an even more interesting picture. They are as follows:

  • 12,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 12,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 12,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 10,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 8,000x – Crazy Time
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 7,500x - Cash Hunt
  • 5,600x - Pachinko
  • 5,000x - Cash Hunt
  • 5,000x - Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game is an undisputed leader in terms of the quantity and size of max wins. This result is achieved by hitting Cash Hunt with an extra multiplier that goes as high as 25x in the examples above.

It is noteworthy that in Cash Hunt, you need to pick one of the 108 positions, and only one of them awards the maximum payout. Therefore, the probability of guessing the correct position is low. However, according to the stats, Cash Hunt is the best bet in Crazy Time if you are aiming for the max win.

Crazy Time LTC Casino Screenshot

No one has yet managed to hit the maximum game payout of 25,000x, which is also possible in Cash Hunt. And while we are on this subject, the maximum payout in the Crazy Time bonus game, which shares the same name with the game itself and is considered its most exciting element, is 20,000x.

Monopoly Live Stats

Monopoly Live owes its popularity not only to the legendary board game but also to its almost unlimited winning potential. Monopoly Live with Bitcoin features a single bonus game that can be won with two bets: 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. Depending on the bonus game type, you get 2 or 4 rolls. If you hit a double in the bonus game, you get an extra roll, which theoretically allows you to continue the game indefinitely until you reach the maximum payout.

  • Game name - Monopoly Live
  • Number of segments - 54
  • Multiplier segments - 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Bonus segments - 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls
  • Extra features - Chance
  • RTP - 96.23%
  • Max payout - 10,000x
Monopoly Live LTC Casino Screenshot
Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 40.75% 31.15% 41.30% 41.19% 40.95%
2 27.78% 36.07% 26.24% 27.12% 27.65%
5 12.96% 6.56% 12.73% 13.12% 13.20%
10 7.40% 13.11% 7.64% 7.77% 7.37%
Chance 3.70% 6.56% 4.10% 3.75% 3.70%
2 Rolls 5.55% 6.56% 5.73% 5.25% 5.29%
4 Rolls 1.85% 0.00% 2.26% 1.80% 1.83%

Congratulations to the players who noticed that the 4 Rolls segment appeared more often than expected during the day and decided not to bet on it. But on the other hand, they could not expect that Ten would land so frequently in the last hour. That said, Five came up much less frequently, even though the results for both segments were in line with expectations throughout the day. This is another strong indication of how chance and luck are much more important for the results of individual game rounds and short sessions than statistical probabilities.

Monopoly Live Biggest Wins

Since the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus games in Monopoly Live are effectively the same and differ only in the number of rolls, the biggest winnings come from the 4 Rolls bonus round, as expected. For instance, on April 28, 2020, lucky players managed to hit the biggest payout ever of 9,600x on the 4 Rolls bonus.

You'd be surprised, but the seventh-biggest payout in Monopoly Live history of 2,080x came from the 2 Rolls bonus. And since we are talking about stats here, the 2 Rolls bonus round triggers three times more often than 4 Rolls on average.

Dream Catcher Stats

Dream Catcher is the simplest wheel of fortune game on our list. Dream Catcher offers no bonuses, but it does not mean that you can't win big in this game. To this end, Dream Catcher has 2x Multiplier and 7x Multiplier segments that may come up several times per round and multiply together. The final multiplier is then applied to the number that lands on the wheel. As a result, the player gets a chance to win up to 20,000x without placing any bonus bets.

  • Game name - Dream Catcher
  • Number of segments - 54
  • Multiplier segments - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40
  • Bonus segments - None
  • Extra Features - 2x Multiplier, 7x Multiplier
  • RTP - 95.65%
  • Max payout - 20,000x
Dream Catcher LTC Casino Screenshot
Segment Expectation Hour 24 Hours Week Month
1 42.59% 37.88% 42.59% 42.08% 42.16%
2 27.78% 25.76% 27.64% 28.05% 28.39%
5 12.96% 19.70% 12.37% 12.60% 12.66%
10 7.40% 10.61% 8.04% 7.86% 7.51%
20 3.70% 4.55% 3.64% 3.72% 3.75%
40 1.85% 1.52% 1.63% 1.94% 1.81%
2x Multiplier 1.85% 0.00% 1.63% 1.83% 1.82%
7x Multiplier 1.85% 0.00% 2.45% 1.91% 1.91%

Players were generally lucky throughout the day, hitting 7x Multiplier more frequently than expected. However, those hoping to capitalize on this wave of luck during the last hour were in for a big disappointment. During this period, not a single additional multiplier came up, and high-value segments were also extremely seldom.

Dream Catcher Biggest Wins

The Dream Catcher record was set on November 10, 2018. During one of the game rounds, the wheel stopped three times on the 7x Multiplier segment and then on Forty. As a result, the total payout amounted to 7x7x7x40 = 13,720x. This is a rare occurrence in this game that has happened only once to date.

However, Dream Catcher has awarded a more than generous payout of 1,960x over 20 times so far. In all of these cases, the wheel hit the 7x Multiplier segment twice before stopping on Forty. Thus, as statistics and logic suggest, the bet on Forty is great for those wanting to catch a massive multiplier in Dream Catcher.

Evolution Game Shows RTP

Return to player or RTP is another statistical value. Calculated by the game provider, it shows the percentage of funds that will be returned to you with each bet. RTP is calculated not for a day or a month, but truly long distances, like millions of game rounds.

On the one hand, this implies that RTP is a more reliable indicator than the in-game stats. But on the other hand, RTP tends to deviate significantly from the one declared by the provider on shorter timeframes. Either way, players who rely on stats see RTP as a valuable metric.

Evolution casino game shows have different RTP for each segment. Segments with high multipliers do not always have a high RTP, and often the opposite is true. You decide what information and values to stick with when placing bets and making a strategy according to your playstyle.

Crazy Time RTP

  • 1 - 96.08%
  • 2 - 95.95%
  • 5 - 95.78%
  • 10 - 95.73%
  • Cash Hunt - 95.27%
  • Pachinko - 94.33%
  • Coin Flip - 95.70%
  • Crazy Time - 94.41%

Monopoly Live RTP

  • 1 - 92.88%
  • 2 - 96.23%
  • 5 - 91.30%
  • 10 - 96.02%
  • 2 Rolls - 93.90%
  • 4 Rolls - 93.67%

Dream Catcher RTP

  • 1 - 95.24%
  • 2 - 95.31%
  • 5 - 90.42%
  • 10 - 95.65%
  • 20 - 91.80%
  • 40 - 89.88%

Where to Play Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, or Dream Catcher

Evolution game show broadcasts are distributed to all casinos working with the company. It means that events in these games will be the same, regardless of the chosen casino. However, casinos do differ in terms of withdrawal times, support, payment methods, and some other aspects.

LTC Casino is a good choice if you plan to play Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, or Dream Catcher with Bitcoin. We provide a complete set of Evolution casino games that includes numerous exciting live game shows and live dealer Bitcoin casino table games, on top of the abovementioned titles.

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  • Play anonymously from anywhere in the world. We do not collect personal data and do not request IDs;
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Verdict: Is It Worth Playing Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Dream Catcher with Stats?

Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Dream Catcher are truly exciting game shows. Your task is to predict the segment that will come up on the wheel when it stops. There are different ways to do that, including game stats. However, you should be aware that no evidence has been found that previous results can affect future rounds.

Still, the Evolution game shows are definitely worth a try for any casino player. Evolution has created an extremely fascinating entertainment that was hard to imagine just a few years ago. If you prefer to follow a strategy or use stats, go ahead, but don't expect it to turn the house edge in your favor. At the end of the day, the most important thing when playing at a casino is to relax and have fun, and Evolution game shows are perfect for that.