Best Live Dice Games for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP

No one knows exactly when dice were invented - so long ago it occurred. Nevertheless, to this day, they remain one of the main attributes of gambling along with cards and the roulette wheel. The game has come a long way since its inception, and now you can even play live dice for Bitcoin online.

The games described here use dice with numerical values that determine the outcome of each game round. In all other respects, they may vary substantially. There are adaptations of some of the oldest games in the world and recent discoveries that were impossible before the era of modern-day online casinos.

Top 5 Live Dice Games for Bitcoin

LTC Casino offers Bitcoin live dice from Evolution and Ezugi. Both studios need no introduction, as their live crypto games can be found in most online casinos.

Game Name Provider RTP Min. Bet Max. Bet Max. Multiplier
Craps Evolution 99.17% 0.025 mBTC 50 mBTC 30x
Lightning Dice Evolution 96.57% 0.01 mBTC 50 mBTC 1000x
Sic Bo Ezugi 97.22% 0.01 mBTC 200 mBTC 180x
Super Sic Bo Evolution 97.22% 0.01 mBTC 125 mBTC 1000x
Bac Bo Evolution 98.87% 0.05 mBTC 250 mBTC 88x


Craps is a classic American dice game, which is particularly interesting due to its high RTP. There are multiple bets available in Craps that may change depending on the game stage. A wide selection of bets allows players to implement various strategies, control the level of risk, and even hedge their moves.

Craps LTC Casino Screenshot

Lightning Dice

A much simpler yet exciting game where you bet on three dice with a generous maximum base payout of 150x. There are also extra multipliers randomly applied to several outcomes at the beginning of each round. Taking them into account, payouts can be even more substantial - up to 1000x. Lightning Dice is designed in the common style of Evolution's Lightning series and is distinguished by dynamic gameplay.

Lightning Dice LTC Casino Screenshot

Sic Bo

A dice game with Chinese roots offering the chance to win up to 180x your initial wager. The maximum payout is awarded for winning bets on a specific triple combination. There are also less risky bets. For example, you can bet that the sum of three dice will be higher or lower than 11 with a potential payout of 1:1. Sic Bo allows you to bet on a variety of outcomes, which helps to adjust the risk level to your preference.

Sic Bo LTC Casino Screenshot

Super Sic Bo

A game that combines Lightning Dice and Sic Bo. Super Sic Bo is played on the same game board as Sic Bo with the addition of extra multipliers that may boost payouts up to 1000x. The original Sic Bo game is incredibly popular in Asian casinos, and the additional multipliers make it even more exciting.

Super Sic Bo LTC Casino Screenshot

Bac Bo

Bac Bo is a dice-based variation of baccarat. Like in baccarat, you can place bets on the player, the banker, or a tie. The main difference is that Bac Bo uses dice instead of cards to determine the winner. Wins on the player and banker sides are paid at a 1:1 ratio, while payouts for a tie can be as high as 88:1. This is a significant advantage over traditional card-based baccarat, where the maximum payout is capped at 8:1.

Bac Bo LTC Casino Screenshot

Bonus - Monopoly Live and Monopoly Big Baller

The dice in the Monopoly Live and Monopoly Big Baller game shows by Evolution serve as a side element of the gameplay, but they may bring the biggest wins. During the bonus game, you are taken to a separate game board, where the results are determined by the roll of a pair of dice, just as in the original table game. Hit a double to win an extra roll and increase your odds of getting to the end of the board, where the payouts can easily exceed your bet by hundreds of times.

Monopoly Big Baller LTC Casino Screenshot

Strategies for Live Dice with Bitcoin

At live dice for Bitcoin, you should stick to basic strategies and tips that will allow you to maintain control of the situation and possibly even win more under certain circumstances.

  • We cover live dice for Bitcoin as a single category, but the games within it are different. Even in Sic Bo and Super Sic Bo, payouts for the same bet types can differ. Choose the game that fits your preferred risk level depending on whether you strive for more frequent or bigger winnings.
  • Learning the basic strategy before you start playing craps is a must. Craps is based on a more complex set of rules than other games on the list, so the basic strategy will allow you to understand the gameplay and learn the most optimal ways to play at the same time.
  • Please note that not all bets qualify for additional multipliers at Super Sic Bo. To have a chance of winning the maximum multiplier, you need to bet on triples. Notably, in Lightning Dice, which is similar to Super Sic Bo, extra multipliers can be awarded to any outcome, including low-risk bets such as High/Low.
  • Unlike baccarat, Bac Bo charges no additional commission for bets on the banker, so you are free to pick either side. That said, the tie bet has a higher potential payout but lower RTP and is less profitable for the player in the long run.

And you should never play with money you are not ready to lose. It is certainly one of the main requirements for enjoying your time with Bitcoin live dice at an online casino.

Why Play Live Dice for Bitcoin Online?

Live dice for Bitcoin online has several advantages over playing in the real world or with traditional currency.

  • Wide selection of games. Many brick-and-mortar casinos offer craps, but no other dice games. The Bitcoin live dice category includes multiple games, some of which would be unfeasible in the real world. What's more, live dice games for Bitcoin are provided by different companies. In a few clicks, you can change not only the game but even the studio.
  • Live dice is available in any place with an Internet connection. However, you may also need Bitcoin, because it allows you to make deposits into online casinos from anywhere in the world without restrictions.
  • The benefits of playing live dice with Bitcoin do not end there. Bitcoin enhances your anonymity and enables you to quickly conduct transactions regardless of the destination.

Still in doubt? See the benefits of the best Bitcoin live dice casinos below.

Where Can I Play Live Dice for Bitcoin?

Live dice games for Bitcoin are available at any online casino supporting the respective game providers and cryptocurrencies. However, casinos offering the same game collections may differ in other parameters, such as withdrawal times or accepted jurisdictions.

LTC Casino provides the most friendly conditions for playing live dice with Bitcoin:

  • Live dice games from the best and most trusted providers;
  • Live dice for crypto. On top of Bitcoin, this number includes Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP;
  • Play from any region;
  • No KYC;
  • Instant payouts.

Furthermore, at LTC Casino, you can play crypto dice games based on computer graphics and a random number generator, such as Scratch Dice and Rocket Dice. There are also dice slots with dice images replacing regular symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions about Live Dice for Bitcoin

How much can I win at live dice for Bitcoin?

The maximum payout at live dice is 1000x. It can be achieved in Lightning Dice and Super Sic Bo.

What Bitcoin live games employ dice?

Craps is one of the most popular Bitcoin live dice games. There are also quite unusual game variations, such as Bac Bo - baccarat with dice.

How to win at live dice for Bitcoin?

To improve your odds of winning at Bitcoin live dice, learn a strategy that will work with the game of your choice and stick with it.