Best Dream Catcher Casino Game Strategy

Dream Catcher will undoubtedly entertain those who’d like to experience the good old wheel games for real money in a modern wrapper. The Dream Catcher game show has quickly gained popularity thanks to its exciting gameplay and the possibility to win big with the multiplier sectors.  The potential winnings can exceed the original bet a thousand times. For those of you who were wondering how to win big or win often, we have prepared this Dream Catcher casino game strategy guide.

Dream Catcher Stats

Dream Catcher features a 54-segment wheel, where the payouts correspond to the value of each segment. The larger the payout, the fewer segments of this type are presented on the wheel. On top of that, there are 2x and 7x multipliers, which may bring some massive wins. However, the number of the extra multiplier segments is limited to 2, so one cannot count on their frequent appearance.

The probability of winning depending on the segment is as follows:

SegmentChance of Winning
1 (Yellow)42.59%
2 (Blue)27.77%
5 (Purple)12.96%
10 (Green)7.41%
20 (Orange)3.70%
40 (Red)1.85%
2x Multiplier1.85%
7x Multiplier1.85%


Understanding probabilities is the key to developing a successful Dream Catcher casino strategy.

High-Risk Strategy

The high-risk strategy is what players call “go big, or go home.” For this strategy, you should bet exclusively on the 40 segment. Naturally, this approach entails the highest risk possible, since the 40 segment is the least likely to drop.

Nevertheless, the 40x payout is great in itself. Now imagine that the wheel stops and the 40 segment comes up with an extra multiplier or several such multipliers. By the way, multipliers in Dream Catcher are stacked. In other words, if the 7x segment appears twice in a row, the final multiplier will be 49x, which will also be multiplied by the numerical segment value. In a situation like this, with a bet of only $10, the player can win a whopping $19,600!

It is essential to bear in mind that the 40 segment is represented on the wheel only once. Therefore, it will appear a mere 1.85% of the time or approximately once every 54 games. Consequently, you must be fully prepared to lose and should not risk at too high stakes. Better spread your bankroll so that you can place plenty of smaller bets and wait for a winning number, hopefully with some extra multiplier.

In addition to the 40 segment, you can try to cover the 20 segment. This strategy is also considered high-risk, but you will be betting on 3 out of 54 segments so that every eighteenth game will result in a win.

Medium-Risk Strategy

We understand that these strategies will be too risky for most players. Therefore, we suggest you slightly reduce risks by supplementing your bets on the 40 segment with bets on more frequent numbers, for example, 1 and 2. This way, you can win more often and do not have to give up a potentially big win if the 40 segment comes up.

On top of that, the medium-risk strategies include covering all 5s, 10s, 20s, and 40. As a result, you get almost 26% coverage of the wheel and bet only on the most expensive sectors. Thus, you will win in about every fourth round, and if you manage to obtain an extra multiplier, the payouts can be pretty impressive.

However, you will still be losing 3 out of 4 games, so balance your bets accordingly.

Low-Risk Dream Cathcer Casino Strategy

There are also low-risk strategies for those who prefer to play longer, realizing that big multipliers will not come up often.

For instance, you can focus exclusively on the 1 and 2 segments to win more frequently. However, the payouts will be small if you don’t manage to catch a substantial extra multiplier.

Picking all 1s and 2s, you cover 38 of the 54 segments or about 70% of the wheel. This strategy is much safer but cannot boast of one-time large payouts. Thus, with 1s and 2s, your balance will grow gradually, but it can also go down in the event of a losing streak.

Extra multipliers are also less effective in a low-risk strategy. For example, if an extra multiplier of 7x comes up before the 40 segment, the payout will be 280x. If the same extra 7x multiplier comes up with the segment 1, the payout will be only 7x.

The 20-10-2 strategy is also a relatively low-risk one. You place one bet on the 20 segment, one bet on the 10 segment, and two bets on the 2 segment. This way, you cover 21 of the 54 sectors on the wheel, attaining a 38.88% chance of winning. When the 2 segment comes up, you win back the bets on the 10 and 20 segments, and if 10 or 20 drops, you can count on a pretty good payout.

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What is the Best Strategy for the Dream Catcher Game

The choice of the Dream Catcher live casino strategy depends on your game preferences, starting bankroll, and free time. After trying multiple Dream Catcher casino game strategies, we concluded that it is better not to go to extremes and avoid the highest and lowest risk strategies. The middle ground approach worked the best for us in terms of returns and fun, but each player must decide what suits him best.

Tips For Playing Dream Catcher

Apart from the Dream Catcher casino strategies, there are basic guidelines for the game that players should follow regardless of the option chosen.

  • The results of previous rounds do not determine the future. In the user interface, you will find the results of several preceding games. Predicting future segments based on this information is pointless and can also induce you to deviate from the strategy, which can spiral out of control quickly.
  • Allocate money to play and stick to bankroll management. Obviously, you should not bet half the balance in one round, especially when playing with high-risk strategies. Weigh your bets against the level of risk and never use money that you are not ready to lose.
  • Don’t play in tilt. Any recommendations and strategies fade when the player loses control. These short-term outbreaks might cost you dearly, so play only in a relaxed state of mind and at affordable stakes. You don’t have to take part in every round. After a losing streak, it is better to skip a few games so that you can get back on track.

As you can see, a Dream Catcher casino strategy by itself may not be enough for a successful game. The basic principles of gambling are also important and may increase your odds dramatically.

Where Can I Play Dream Catcher and Win?

Dream Catcher is a game from Evolution Gaming supported by the majority of Bitcoin live casinos. It means that you can easily find a place to play among hundreds of gambling sites.

One of the best sites to try a Dream Catcher live casino strategy is LTC Casino. It quickly processes withdrawal requests, even if you play with a strategy. On top of that, at LTC Casino, you can try other strategies presented on our website, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.


Is Dream Catcher fair to play?

Evolution Gaming holds the license of the UK Gambling Commission. All of its games have been rigorously reviewed by third-party auditors. Thus, all results in Dream Catcher are entirely random and protected from fraud.

How much can I win in the Dream Catcher game?

Dream Catcher has no maximum winning limit. Although the maximum multiplier per sector is set at 40x, additional multipliers can also be applied. Earlier, we looked at an example in which a player can win 280x of the bet. In practice, it all depends on your luck.

Which number should I choose?

The choice of numbers depends on the strategy. Pick a strategy that suits your risk preference and stick to it.

Our Opinion on Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a fun-to-play live dealer game with a solid return to player (RTP) of 96.58%, which is definitely worth trying. Hopefully, this Dream Catcher casino strategy guide will help you bring real payouts closer to the declared ones or even exceed them. Experiment with various strategies and stick to the one that will work best for you!