6 Best Strategies to Win at Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a Bitcoin live casino game show by Evolution.

Monopoly Live features two bonus game modes, while the maximum payout per round can go up to €500,000.

Return to Player (RTP): 96.23%

You can play Monopoly Live with the following cryptocurrencies: BTCETHLTCXRP.

Monopoly Live Screenshot LTC Casino

Monopoly Live – How to Play

Monopoly Live is one of the games that have brought Evolution players’ acclaim. The game is played with a live dealer who spins the wheel. Payouts are distributed based on the wheel sectors. The player can place bets both on numerical values ​​(1, 2, 5, 10) and on bonus games (2 Rolls, 4 Rolls). There is also a Chance sector that awards a random payout or a multiplier.

Naturally, you can play Monopoly Live following traditional strategies, the most famous of which is the Martingale strategy. However, Monopoly Live allows you to go further and use strategies that will work only for this game and are not applicable, for example, to Blackjack. With our guide, you will be able to find the best Monopoly Live strategy according to your own risk preferences and available bankroll.

But how do you know which actions will be the most mathematically sound ones? Fortunately, the game provider discloses payout statistics for all sectors, and we can use this information to develop the best strategies. We’ll discuss this in a few moments, after understanding the game interface specifics.

Monopoly Live Game Interface

The game’s interface is designed to help you navigate through the various features and options.

At the bottom center of the screen is the betting area, where you can place your bets. To the right of the betting area, you will see the results of the previous 21 wheel spins. If you click on the chart icon, you can view the results of the 49 previous spins.

Under previous spins, you will find four buttons. The play button activates the automatic spins mode, in which you can set the number of replays of the previous bet. You can choose to repeat the bet 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 times. The “+ table” button allows you to open several Evolution games at the same time. The “Lobby” button returns you to the Evolution lobby, where you can select a new game to play.

Chat with messages from other players is located in the upper left part of the screen. When you hover your mouse over the text “MONOPOLY Live” the payouts of the game are displayed. Your current balance and bet are displayed at the bottom left, and the settings section is located at the top right. Here you can show or hide the chat, change the video quality, mute or unmute the game sound, view your betting history and game rules.

In the Monopoly Live betting section, you can bet on six different outcomes. The smallest bet you can place is €0.10, and the highest bet depends on the casino you play at.

Monopoly Live Payout Statistics by Segments

Understanding the probabilities of Monopoly Live can provide you with a more accurate anticipation of how frequently you are likely to land on any of the six available segments during each spin of the wheel.

SegmentNumber of segments on the wheelPayoutRTPProbability
1221 to 192.88%40.74%
2152 to 196.23%27.78%
575 to 191.30%12.96%
10410 to 196.02%7.41%
Chance2RandomNot applicable3.70%
2 Rolls3Bonus Game93.90%5.55%
4 Rolls1Bonus Game93.67%1.86%

We can draw the following conclusions based on this information:

  • Sector 2 has the highest RTP – 96.23%. Nevertheless, betting on such a low multiplier is frankly boring, and you can’t count on big wins, like here. But we should definitely add Sector 2 to our strategies to mirigate volatility and increase RTP.
  • Sector 10 has decent RTP, so it can be added to increase volatility if needed.
  • Every ninth round (11.11% probability) should bring a feature.
  • Every thirteenth round (7.41% probability) should bring a bonus game.
  • The 4 Rolls bonus game has a probability of only 1.86%, so it should never be relied on as your main bet.
  • When placing bets on Sectors 1 and 2, the probability of winning is over 68%.

Best Strategies for Monopoly Live

It is not hard to see why the lowest volatility Monopoly Live strategy has the greatest RTP. However, players come to the casino to win and to win a lot, so they are more interested in bonus games with the potential of massive payouts. At the same time, bonus sectors have a low drop rate, so by placing bets only on them you will lose money quickly and may not see the bonus at all. Thus, it is appropriate to dilute the bets on bonus sectors with the bets on numerical values ​​to stay longer in the game and finally make it to the bonus game.



Monopoly Live is a fairly adaptable game with the possibility of various combinations of probabilities and risks. Choose a strategy per your own preferences: play longer with frequent wins or strive for big wins but with an increased likelihood of losing.

We can distinguish at least six main strategies for Monopoly Live. The point of these strategies boils down to the fact that you subtract a part of the bet from 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls sectors and place it on the numeric sectors to regulate volatility.

Let’s assume you start with €1,000 and bet €10 each round. In this case, the optimal strategies will look like that:

  • Lowest volatility – 2 Rolls (€1.50), 4 Rolls (€1.50), Sector 2 (€4.00), Sector 1 (€3.00);
  • Low volatility – 2 Rolls (€2.00), 4 Rolls (€2.00), Sector 2 (€3.00), Sector 1 (€3.00);
  • Medium volatility – 2 Rolls (€3.00), 4 Rolls (€2.00), Sector 5 (€2.00), Sector 2 (€3.00);
  • Medium to high volatility – 2 Rolls (€4.00), 4 Rolls (€4.00), Sector 10 (€1.00), Sector 2 (€1.00);
  • High volatility – 2 Rolls (€5.00), 4 Rolls (€3.00), Sector 10 (€2.00);
  • Very high volatility – 2 Rolls (€5.00), 4 Rolls (€5.00).

Monopoly Live Low-Risk Strategy

The low-risk Monopoly Live strategy provides high wheel coverage, capturing 48 of 54 numbered segments. The main goal of this strategy is to maximize the lifespan of your bankroll while you are still learning the game. We recommend not to deviate from the strategy and avoid betting on other segments, as this significantly increases the risk of losing your balance. The most likely result of following the strategy is frequent, albeit small, wins.

To use the strategy, place a total bet of €2 on segment 10, €2 on segment 5, €2 on segment 2 and €4 on segment 1. It is worth noting that this strategy is not designed for significant winnings. However, by covering most of the wheel, you guarantee yourself a minimum payout of €8 if the wheel stops on segments 1 or 2, and a maximum payout of €22 if it hits segment 10.

All in all, the Monopoly Live low-risk strategy is a safe and effective way to play the game with high wheel coverage, ensuring frequent winnings and extending the life of your bankroll.

Monopoly Live High-Risk Strategy

The high-risk strategy can quickly deplete your bankroll, but it also has the potential for large payouts. This strategy involves betting on 2 and 4 Rolls and turning on autoplay for a selected number of rounds of play. This strategy is popular among casino streamers because of its entertainment value and potential rewards. To try out this strategy, select your desired bet amount and rounds, confirm the settings and watch the game with your fingers crossed.

Monopoly Live Alternative Strategies

We have tested various Monopoly Live betting strategies by putting real crypto on the table rather than just watching the gameplay. Some of the strategies we tried were successful, others were not, and the only way to find out what works is to put them into practice.

One of the most successful strategies we tested was Monopoly Martingale, which involved a certain level of risk but could result in impressive payouts if successful. This strategy involves doubling the bet amount after each loss, aiming to recover all previous losses and make a profit equivalent to the initial stake with the first win. Another successful Monopoly Live casino strategy involved placing bets exclusively on the Number 2 and 2 Rolls segments, skipping the 4 Rolls segment.

We also tried a different approach, betting on Number 10 as well as the two bonus segments. It was definitely one of the most unusual strategies we tested. We also bet on Number 1 and both Rolls segments, gradually increasing our bets on Rolls every 10 spins, which proved to be a pretty effective strategy.

Monopoly Live Reddit Strategy

Players are often interested in learning about the experiences of their peers. And, of course, the best platform in this regard is Reddit. Perhaps, there is some specific Monopoly Live strategy on Reddit? Let’s take a look at some concrete examples. While most discussions might be found surrounding traditional online casinos, keep in mind that with the rise of cryptocurrency, there are dedicated Ethereum gambling sites that also feature Monopoly Live.

One of the Redditors shared their first experience playing Monopoly Live. They started with $3.60, betting 10 cents each round, and quickly won $27 and then $77.50 thanks to bonus rounds. This way, they were able to turn a small starting bankroll into $138. The player noted that they had never won so much money in such a short time and wished they had switched to Monopoly Live sooner. Our congratulations to the player! They were incredibly lucky during this session.

“Nice. Now imagine if it was a $1 bet or better $10. But nice win, either way, you look on it especially if you only started with $3.60,” a fellow Redditor commented.

Another player shared an even more incredible story. They started playing with a hundred dollars and lost $25 by betting it on a number. Then they placed another $25 on a number to make up for the loss, but the bet was actually placed on 2 Rolls because the phone screen was cracked and the actions were happening on their own. The 2 Rolls bet resulted in a 225x multiplier, netting the player over $5,500 in winnings.

So while there doesn’t seem to be a specific Monopoly Live strategy on Reddit, the experience of other players suggests that the game offers plenty of opportunities for big winnings to lucky players.

Other Tips for Monopoly Live

  • You can also try placing bets on Sector 2 Rolls as the most frequent sector with the bonus game and Sector 2 as insurance for your first bet. In this case, after each loss, you increase the bet for Sector 2 by analogy with the Martingale system. If you win, you return all the money you lost before and can go back to the original bet. Thus, you can win the bonus game literally for free, but the risks here are the same as for the Martingale – sooner or later, the moment will come when the game limit will no longer be enough to place a new bet, or you will simply run out of money due to a long losing streak.
  • Don’t raise bets for 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. Your game in Monopoly Live can quickly get out of hand if you start increasing bets on bonus games to cover previous losses.
  • You can see the results of several previous rounds in the lower right-hand corner of the game screen. While it may feel like there is some pattern, this knowledge can’t help you with your strategy in any way since the result of each next round is entirely random.
  • An even more critical aspect of Monopoly Live or any other casino game than the strategy itself is responsible gambling. Never lose more than you can afford to and don’t chase the losses.
  • Casino bonuses can increase your bankroll substantially in the beginning. Check the bonus rules, including permitted games and wagering percentage. Not all casinos allow bonuses in live games or fully account bets placed on them for wagering requirements.

Monopoly Live Strategies FAQ

Is Monopoly Live rigged?
No, Monopoly Live is fair. The game is developed by Evolution, a reputable game provider licensed by the UKGC. This ensures that all the results are random.

What is the maximum payout in Monopoly Live?
You can win up to 10x your bet from numerical segments, but the bonus features can bring much more.

Where can I play Monopoly Live?
Monopoly Live is available at many casinos that offer games from Evolution. To play Monopoly Live anonymously with instant payouts, consider LTC Casino.

What is the best strategy for Monopoly Live?
Taking advantage of low volatility betting can be a good Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live strategy. However, Monopoly Live is a game of chance, and no strategy can guarantee huge winnings.

Is Monopoly Live difficult to play?
No, Monopoly Live is easy to play. It can be quickly learned, and once you know the basics, you can start playing and having fun.

What is the maximum potential winnings in Monopoly Live?
The maximum potential win in Monopoly Live is €500,000 per round. The highest multiplier ever achieved in the game was x9,600 on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

Can I play Monopoly Live in demo mode?
No, you cannot play Monopoly Live or any other Evolution live casino game in demo mode. These games can only be played with real bets.

Do I need to deposit a large sum to play Monopoly Live?
No, you do not need to deposit a large sum to play Monopoly Live. The minimum bet to play is €0.10 and the focus should be on having fun and potentially getting a big multiplier, rather than playing at high stakes.

How do I win at Monopoly Live?
To win at Monopoly Live, you need to make strategic decisions that will increase your chances of winning. In addition to luck, here are some basic techniques to help you win:

  • Play wisely – familiarize yourself with the most frequent outcomes and always keep the rules of the game in mind.
  • Use Monopoly Live strategy when it is appropriate.
  • Have a budget and stick to it strictly during the game.
  • Avoid playing in a tilt.

How do I bet on Monopoly Live?
To place a bet on Monopoly Live, follow these steps:

  • Select the denomination of chips.
  • Select the segment you want to bet on.
  • Each round has timers that tell you when to place your bet. The colors of the timers work the same way as the traffic lights.
  • Use elements of the interface to simplify the betting process.

Are there other Monopoly games?
Yes, there are! In addition to Monopoly Live, you can also play Monopoly Big Baller, another live game show from Evolution featuring Mr. Moneybags. Instead of the wheel, this game uses bingo cards, while the bonus round was left mostly unchanged. You may also be interested in other related live game shows from Evolution.

How do I play Monopoly Live at a Ethereum or Bitcoin casino?
To play Monopoly Live at at Bitcoin or Ethereum casino, follow these steps:

  • Choose a Bitcoin casino that offers the game and create an account.
  • Deposit funds into your player account.
  • Select and open the game from the assortment of games.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the rules of the game and have a well-calculated budget allocated for the current gaming session.
  • Place your bet and hope to win!