6 Best Strategies to Win at Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a live game show by Evolution.

Monopoly Live features two bonus game modes, while the maximum payout per round can go up to €500,000.

Return to Player (RTP): 96.23%

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Monopoly Live is one of the games that have brought Evolution players’ acclaim. The game is played with a live dealer who spins the wheel. Payouts are distributed based on the wheel sectors. The player can place bets both on numerical values ​​(1, 2, 5, 10) and on bonus games (2 Rolls, 4 Rolls). There is also a Chance sector that awards a random payout or a multiplier.

Naturally, you can play Monopoly Live following traditional strategies, the most famous of which is the Martingale strategy. However, Monopoly Live allows you to go further and use strategies that will work only for this game and are not applicable, for example, to Blackjack.

But how do you know which actions will be the most mathematically sound ones? Fortunately, the game provider discloses payout statistics for all sectors, and we can use this information to develop the best strategies.


Monopoly Live payout statistics by sectors

Sector 1

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 22;
  • Payout – 1 to 1;
  • RTP – 92.88%;
  • Probability – 40.74%.

Sector 2

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 15;
  • Payout – 2 to 1;
  • RTP – 96.23%;
  • Probability – 27.78%.

Sector 5

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 7;
  • Payout – 5 to 1;
  • RTP – 91.30%;
  • Probability – 12.96%.

Sector 10

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 4;
  • Payout – 10 to 1;
  • RTP – 96.02%;
  • Probability – 7.41%.

Sector Chance

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 2;
  • Payout – random;
  • RTP – not applicable;
  • Probability – 3.70%.

Sector 2 Rolls

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 3;
  • Payout – bonus game;
  • RTP – 93.90%;
  • Probability – 5.55%.

Sector 4 Rolls

  • Number of sectors on the wheel – 1;
  • Payout – bonus game;
  • RTP – 93.67%;
  • Probability – 1.86%.

We can draw the following conclusions based on this information:

  • Sector 2 has the highest RTP – 96.23%. Nevertheless, betting on such a low multiplier is frankly boring, and you can’t count on big wins, like here. But we should definitely add Sector 2 to our strategies to mirigate volatility and increase RTP.
  • Sector 10 has decent RTP, so it can be added to increase volatility if needed.
  • Every ninth round (11.11% probability) should bring a feature.
  • Every thirteenth round (7.41% probability) should bring a bonus game.
  • The 4 Rolls bonus game has a probability of only 1.86%, so it should never be relied on as your main bet.
  • When placing bets on Sectors 1 and 2, the probability of winning is over 68%.


The best strategies for Monopoly Live

It is not hard to see why the lowest volatility strategy has the greatest RTP. However, players come to the casino to win and to win a lot, so they are more interested in bonus games with the potential of massive payouts. At the same time, bonus sectors have a low drop rate, so by placing bets only on them you will lose money quickly and may not see the bonus at all. Thus, it is appropriate to dilute the bets on bonus sectors with the bets on numerical values ​​to stay longer in the game and finally make it to the bonus game.



Monopoly Live is a fairly adaptable game with the possibility of various combinations of probabilities and risks. Choose a strategy per your own preferences: play longer with frequent wins or strive for big wins but with an increased likelihood of losing.

We can distinguish at least six main strategies for Monopoly Live. The point of these strategies boils down to the fact that you subtract a part of the bet from 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls sectors and place it on the numeric sectors to regulate volatility.

Let’s assume you start with €1,000 and bet €10 each round. In this case, the optimal strategies will look like that:

  • Lowest volatility – 2 Rolls (€1.50), 4 Rolls (€1.50), Sector 2 (€4.00), Sector 1 (€3.00);
  • Low volatility – 2 Rolls (€2.00), 4 Rolls (€2.00), Sector 2 (€3.00), Sector 1 (€3.00);
  • Medium volatility – 2 Rolls (€3.00), 4 Rolls (€2.00), Sector 5 (€2.00), Sector 2 (€3.00);
  • Medium to high volatility – 2 Rolls (€4.00), 4 Rolls (€4.00), Sector 10 (€1.00), Sector 2 (€1.00);
  • High volatility – 2 Rolls (€5.00), 4 Rolls (€3.00), Sector 10 (€2.00);
  • Very high volatility – 2 Rolls (€5.00), 4 Rolls (€5.00).


Other tips for Monopoly Live

  • You can also try placing bets on Sector 2 Rolls as the most frequent sector with the bonus game and Sector 2 as insurance for your first bet. In this case, after each loss, you increase the bet for Sector 2 by analogy with the Martingale system. If you win, you return all the money you lost before and can go back to the original bet. Thus, you can win the bonus game literally for free, but the risks here are the same as for the Martingale – sooner or later, the moment will come when the game limit will no longer be enough to place a new bet, or you will simply run out of money due to a long losing streak.
  • Don’t raise bets for 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. Your game in Monopoly Live can quickly get out of hand if you start increasing bets on bonus games to cover previous losses.
  • You can see the results of several previous rounds in the lower right-hand corner of the game screen. While it may feel like there is some pattern, this knowledge can’t help you with your strategy in any way since the result of each next round is entirely random.
  • An even more critical aspect of Monopoly Live or any other casino game than the strategy itself is responsible gambling. Never lose more than you can afford to and don’t chase the losses.
  • Casino bonuses can increase your bankroll substantially in the beginning. Check the bonus rules, including permitted games and wagering percentage. Not all casinos allow bonuses in live games or fully account bets placed on them for wagering requirements.

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